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Function of nephritis of chronic kidney spherule, kidney is not complete uremia
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Patient condition brief introduction: Hao Jiayu (alias) person of city of the North sea of Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region, male, 49 years old, postcode: 536011. Uremic patient. InOn Feburary 28, 2007Just entered Shijiazhuang hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine when, existing 6 kinds of main conditions.

1, the illness of tall toxin blood with relatively serious now existence, 910.4umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride (44-133 of referenced and normal value) 55.38mmol/L of nitrogen of element of blood in the urine (1.7-8.3)

2, severe anemia, hematin 56/L (normal value 110-160)

3, electrolyte is disorder.

4, expression of serious deficiency of yang. Be afraid that cold, hands or feet does not perspire for example, serious overworked feeling, shed nosebleed

5, serious inappetence, disgusting vomiting.

6, uric fluid is like plain boiled water, explain its kidney ground discharges poisonous ability to drop apparently, kidney function injury is serious.

In light of a variety of expression that are aimed at Hao Jiayu, hospital expert made remedial plan.

Above all, jia Yu persuading Hao carries out blood dialytic. The reason is anhydride of patient blood flesh exorbitant, exceed 800, mean body endotoxin exorbitant, endanger life, to ensure patient life safety, also treat for Chinese traditional medicine of the following gene at the same time, restrain nephritic fiber to changed a process to provide the environment inside advantageous body, protect remaining kidney function for gene Chinese traditional medicine, repair damage kidney is organized, restored nephritic function to offer foundation and condition. Only nephritic function restores truly, ability exercise its original physiology function, child of the metabolization inside cleared body and poison, maintain water and electrolyte balance, maintain the soda acid inside human body to wait evenly, anhydride of flesh of the blood inside body and nitrogen of element of blood in the urine just are met from go up at all reduce.
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