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Effective inhibition kidney declines the illness continues to worsen cast off di
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The field is treated in chronic nephrosis, when the kidney damage fails to kidney function, modern Western medicine can suggest the patient undertakes greatly dialytic or kidney transplant. Dialytic it is to serve as the kidney outside body to replace remedy, and eye advancement declines into kidney eventually the patient of evening also is used more dialytic regard cure as the method, much with blood dialytic give priority to. But long-term and dialytic be sure to bring about a kind of dependence, lose completely what cause kidney function. And kidney transplant respect, kidney transplant because kidney source is rare be short of, reaction of different of human body platoon and operation cost are high, disease is not had more period wait for difficult problem to perplexing both sides of doctors and patients from beginning to end, general kidney declines the patient's general to kidney transplant operation attitude is: Final choice. In domestic share big city, uremia dialytic or kidney transplant is annual medical treatment charge is controlled in 100 thousand yuan, and only two cities of Beijing and Shanghai, the new patient that accepts blood every year to appear has about 4000 person. In fact almost all kidney decline the patient is fear of dialytic, the chronic nephrosis patient that did not enter dialytic phase also fears to be able to lie beside dialytic machine eventually one day. To dialytic they are fear of and flurried, "How doesn't precautionary illness enter blood dialytic phase? " this is current kidney declines the problem that the patient cares all the time. One, crucial: Cure of effect a permanent cure, restrain nephritic fiber to change process kidney to decline patient patient's condition develops eventually evening -- uremia, because control not to be pooh-poohed,a lot of people can say, nephrosis illness just can worsen. Actually this just compares a general view, real reason is nephritic fiber is changed, if cannot be restrained,nephritic fiber changes a course, can bring about function of kidney of estrangement of funeral of effective kidney unit to undertake the gender drops. So uremia period it is the final performance that nephritic fiber turns broaden the scope. Accordingly, cure stabilizes kidney to decline patient patient's condition, precaution develops blood dialytic phase, the key is: Want to restrain nephritic fiber to influence evolution, unit of repair damage kidney, restore damage kidney function. Restraining nephritic fiber to change a course is the one catastrophe problem of medical bound all the time, but the science with the expert old course of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine studies Shijiazhuang and clinical practice, restraining nephritic fiber to changed process respect to gain revolutionary headway eventually, chinese traditional medicine gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is handled technology with use Chinese traditional medicine active ingredient material restrains nephritic fiber to change clever connection to rise. Pass Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine therapeutics, will original Chinese traditional medicine machines n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine distinctly, release Chinese traditional medicine thereby active ingredient material, be aimed at the cause of disease that causes fiber to change, the put out a fire that has having specific aim, degradation, wither dies and repair, achieve the goal that restrains nephritic fiber to turn exasperate chain. Confirm through many clinical practice, the nephritic fiber of patient of exhaustion of function of 280 chronic kidney changes a process to be prevented, this effective inhibition the possibility that kidney failure worsens to uremia, cast off the menace with dialytic blood thereby. 2, active control pathogeny and critical factor are chronic to early, medium-term patient of kidney function exhaustion, defer or restrain kidney function to continue to worsen, with respect to the occurence rate that can lower uremia, alleviate the general position that the symptom improves a patient. Affect chronic kidney to decline element of evolutional of sex of advance gradually of course of diseases is more, outside differring except the pathogeny, still be sent acid of sex of tall metabolization of canaliculus of kidney spherule tall filtration, kidney, metabolization by toxic, afterwards toxin of calcify of sex of move of disease of hyperfunction of function of the gland other sexual armour shape, tall lipemia, certain uremia (like methylic guanidine) the influence that waits for a variety of main factors. Concern possibly also with special and genetic gene of the patient. In process of progress of advance gradually sex, certain and critical factor still brings about chronic kidney to decline to accentuate quickly, basically have remedy of noxiousness of heart failure of severe high blood pressure, acute, low blood pressure or shock, dehydrate, massive haemorrhage, kidney, serious infection, secrete sticks sluggish condition Gao Ning of urethral block, blood, high to wait. Mix to prevent (or) the progress that delays chronic kidney to decline, should prevent control above actively not only the happening of elements of these evolutional of sex of influence advance gradually and development, and the kidney that should avoid afore-mentioned critical factors to decline to kidney continues to show have loss, present the trend of vicious circle. 3, auxiliary cure to command certain influence chronic kidney declines element of evolutional of advance gradually sex, outside dividing active cure pathogeny, at the same time food treats pair of stability to defer chronic kidney to decline to also have important sense. Recommend chronic kidney to decline now the patient is given priority to with food of high grade low albumen, consider to make clear in great quantities, limitative protein food can reduce a lot of kidney to decline symptom. Cure of drink food therapy can reduce the happening of complication. Include among them: Kidney sex nephrosis, hypertensive, electrolyte is disorder and metabolization sex acid is toxic. The dietary program of food of high grade low albumen is chronic to cure kidney declines have auxiliary therapy effect. Special remind chronic kidney failure the patient wants to value food particularly undeserved meeting brings about kidney to decline the illness is aggravating " blood " lesson. That is to say chronic kidney declines patient, the albumen quality that should have everyday is every kilograms of weight 0.6 grams left and right sides, and do not eat beans and bean products to wait like bean curd, soya-bean milk as far as possible. This comes according to food component watch with respect to need computative eat an amount everyday. And the food that also the doctor begins development to contain low protein now, if offer the low albumen noodle of nephritic patient edible only,wait. Outside a few fields that treat besides food, notice the following even, this chronic to precaution kidney declines exasperate, avoid to enter blood dialytic phase has active sense. (1) should notice to prevent pharynx ministry, lung, secrete urethral infection, lest affect aggravating and chronic kidney,decline. (2) avoid catch cold catch cold, overworked, diarrhoea, scar to wait. Because every are affected, the illness accentuates possibly. (3) infection hind should use antibiotic in time to control infection, the medicaments of poisonous to the kidney sex such as B of element of forbidden use gentamicin, kanamycin, bisexual mildew, can accentuate otherwise quicken kidney function aggravation. (4) control is hypertensive. Because hypertension can bring about kidney function aggravation to accelerate, general blood pressure is maintained be under 130/85mmHg is advisable. (5) should treat actively, those who reduce albumen is missing, long-term and many albuminuria can make kidney function aggravation. Chronic kidney declines the patient is treated in the effect a permanent cure, restrain a kidney while fiber changes a course, active control affects chronic kidney to decline element of evolutional of sex of advance gradually of course of diseases, value food in addition the principal port in cure, with a few notes of etc, thereby OK and effective inhibition kidney declines the illness continues to worsen, cast off dialytic menace.

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