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The 15 dawn that I saw the day heal completely
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Patient: Guo Tao, the male, 32 years old, the Han nationality, zhejiang saves a person.

Advocate because of: Have a headache accompany frequent micturition 3 years, face and oedema of double lower limbs 8 months and be admitted to hospital.

After be admitted to hospital, diagnose: 1, hypertensive kidney is damaged 2, kidney function is not complete kidney failure 3, the primary high blood pressure that send a gender is ill

The discovery before the patient results from 10 years is hypertensive, appear have a headache, check Bp180/120mmHg, discover face and dropsy of double lower limbs inadvertently after the overworked 2 years ago, grow in quantity of the bubble in make water, measure blood pressure 160/120mmHg at that time, check uric PRO to local hospital () , μ Mol/L of hematic Cr 365, BUN 15.29mmol/L, make water is acerbity 512 μ Mol/L, PRO is checked after treating half month () , mol/L of Cr 409.53 μ , BUN 21.8mmol/L, mol/L of UA 504.10 μ , local hospital gives Hai Kun capsule of kidney happy event, much glucoside of Thunder God cane piece etc medication invalid, and place of business of seeing a doctor Home Yu Shi is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine.

Appearance of anaemia of the patient when be in hospital, check Hb 81g/L, disgusting, vomiting, giddy, have a headache, limb is lack of power, appetite is poor, pee color is hoar, via answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics treats 10 climate, symptom of disgusting, vomiting is reduced apparently, limb is lack of power the symptom improves, pee color is deepened. On foundation of former useful depressor blood pressure is in smoothly 125/80mmHg left and right sides, in 15 climate, the blood pressure after depressor of out of service is maintained in 110/70mmHg, border of fish of size of face, control, eyelid is aglow, anaemia gets corrective, hb105g/L, mol/L of hematic Cr300 μ , BUN 11.18mmol/L.

Comment on: This patient basically reflects blood pressure smooth, the rise of hematin is apparent, whole feels improve, because,this is Chinese traditional medicine from go up at all repair kidney, in be in hospital two days short in, improve nephritic blood perfusion above all, it is to be short of blood anoxic get ameliorative, kidney element is secreted decrease, close to red element secretes grow in quantity, blood pressure gradually smooth, what hematin rises is main reflect, treat nephrosis to want so from primary treatment, have cured disease only from disappear.