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How should remedial kidney function do it completely
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Patient: 39 years old of Shandong save Fu Ping daughter Jinan city person

Action in chief: Because of the patient after catch cold catch cold occurrence discontinuity double eyelid reachs oedema of double lower limbs in January beyond and the circumstance before into me the courtyard is admitted to hospital: Double eyelid and oedema of double lower limbs appear after natant catch cold catch cold of the patient before resulting from a month, clinking respiratory tract is affected inside a month history, do not have at that time give out heat and cold quiver, urgent make water of anuresis frequency and make water is painful, and dysuria. Check uric convention to local hospital then: PRO3, BLD3, bacterial 4500/ul, give next refuse phlogistic treatment. Check to the hospital one week later make water is groovy: PRO3, BLD3, bacterial number is normal. Diagnose for chronic nephritis. Save some hospital to check uric convention to Shandong later: Uric albumen and occult blood all are 3, kidney function shows: BUN 7.41mmol/L, flesh anhydride 111.8 Mmol/L. The patient is in Shandong then to make clear examine to break art of vivid check of puncture of kidney of travel of Qi Lu hospital, pathology report is: Nephritis of spherule of kidney of sex of new moon body accompanies change of sex of inchoate and chronic sclerosis. Pledge between inside petty arteriosclerosis. Apply Western medicine of amine of acyl of phosphor of Jia Jianglong, annulus to treat, but ration of albumen of 24 hours of make water rises to 7.05g by original 2.5g, because name of admire of malcontent curative effect comes,in an attempt to of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine treats Shijiazhuang further.

Be admitted to hospital circumstance: Aching and limp of patient waist area, the whole body is lack of power, double lower limbs is faint symptom. Blood pressure measures when: 145/80mmHg, double palpebral anhydrous is swollen, double lower limbs spends oedema gently. Uric convention: PRO2, BLD1, albumen of 24 hours of make water is mensurable: 4.19g. Check hematic convention: WBC 8.0*10^9/L, RBC 2.68*10^12/L, HGB 86 G/L, serous albumin: 29.27 G/L, total albumen: 53.58 G/L. Kidney function: BUN 7.35mmol/L, flesh anhydride 97.9mmol/L, uric acerbity 481.22ummol/L. Unripe flesh anhydride keeps clear of inside rate: 71.97ml/L.

Course of diagnosis and treatment: Diagnose tegether through the expert, analytic patient exists 1, many albuminuria: Albumen of 24 hours of make water is mensurable: 4.19g; 2, disease of low albumen blood: 29.27 G/L, give Western medicine to be treated to disease, fight coagulate correct anaemia. At the same time application gives answer kidney 4 couplet treatment with repair kidney itself. Leave hospital circumstance: Circumstance of aching and limp of patient waist area disappears, the whole body is lack of power the symptom improves, double lower limbs is faint upturn, bloated subsidise. Blood pressure 120/80 MmHg, hematic convention: WBC: 8.9*10^9/L, RBC: 3.21*10^12/L, haemoglobin rises to 108 G/L by original 86 G/L.
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