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Points for attention of food of patient of kidney function exhaustion
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Kidney failure is the most serious besides medical treatment, food is exceedingly important also. Proper diet can reduce nephritic burden, maintain nephritic function.

The food with qualitative high protein increases the waste material that the kidney excludes, the burden of aggravating kidney. So, the patient of kidney failure, want those who restrict protein to absorb. The food of protein optional high protein, be like protein of milk, egg, flesh kind, contain indispensible and amino acid more, need in order to supply body place. And plant sex albumen is very few.

Caloric consideration is very serious, allocate carbohydrate, adipose with protein, can increase carbohydrate to need in order to keep place of quantity of heat, and reduce protein absorb an amount. Adipose consider edible the food with onefold not saturated much fatty acid, if plant sex is oily.

Limit moisture content, of salinity lest accentuate,absorb nephritic burden. Cause oedema.

If the kidney worsens continuously, also want to notice the save up of the potassium ion inside body, serious person can affect cardiac function, contain the food with too much Potassium to should avoid so. Be like banana, dry fruit, sauce of beef, pork, pilchard, beans, lettuce, wheat.

Can eat the food of the ion that contain magnesium more, wait like bottle green vegetable, chocolate.

Avoid to take the agent that make acid and the delay evacuant of the salt that contain magnesium.