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The gastric bowel that toxin brings about is unwell how to solve thoroughly
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Patient: Li Lanying, female, 39 years old, liaoning province proposes smooth county person.

Action in chief: Patient advocate because the whole body is lack of power,accept differs courtyard of 1 year of more than income. The circumstance before be admitted to hospital: The patient 1 year ago is self-conscious in daily life the whole body is lack of power, there is a bosom after climb a building or walking for long the feeling such as frowsty, heart-throb, appear anorexia, disgusting. In Liaoning hospital of city of province rising sun checks 340.7umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, double kidney B exceeds show double kidney to narrow, coriaceous echo increases, diagnose for chronic nephritis, chronic kidney function is not complete. Take Chinese traditional medicine 8 months, cooperate to apply kidney answer health, capsule day of 4 profess to convinced 3, the effect is not ideal. Come one year the patient still has a bosom to cover tightly occasionally, palpitation develops, come to seek further treatment my courtyard sees a doctor

The circumstance after be admitted to hospital: Check 477umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride. It is according to patient assay value reachs clinical expression and be being diagnosed " chronic nephritis, chronic kidney function is not complete (kidney function fails period) " . After be admitted to hospital, we are like the whole body in the light of what the patient exists lack of power, Wei anhydride of flesh of cold, anaemic, blood is tall, acerbity toxic wait for a circumstance, the Chinese traditional medicine that applies gene extraction while, cooperate correct acid, enrich the blood wait for Western medicine to treat. Hospitalization after 21 days, patient consciousness whole body is lack of power the symptom disappears, no longer Wei is cold, complexion ruddy, appetite relatively before improve apparently, have interest on foot, not recurrent bosom the symptom such as frowsty, heart-throb. The patient is very satisfactory to this, after expressing to continue to take this Chinese traditional medicine to come home, consolidate cure.

Comment on: Gastric bowel becomes ammonia, exciting stomach bowel and send, and uric quantity is little it is excrete functional obstacle and one kind causes poison of a kind of in the save up inside body young member as a result of the kidney, it and path symptom are kidney function not complete patient is the earliest also be the commonnest clinical expression. Because urea in bowel,it is because not whole place causes kidney function,be together.

The gastric bowel path that wants to cast off a patient is unwell, should discharge poison above all, traditional medicaments just reachs a capacity through increasing defecate number and achieve this goal, this kind falls toxin purpose is in short-term inside it is effective. But because do not have can effect a permanent cure- - restore kidney function namely, the function that follow kidney worsens and that can appear the grow in quantity of anhydride of nitrogen of urea of the save up inside body, flesh, create a kind of vicious circle thereby.
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