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The expert tells you, how can ability discover kidney function is not complete?
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Hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine Dean Wang Jiangong reminds Shijiazhuang you, want to cause enough attention to nephrosis, treat early unhealthily, prevent the happening with kidney not complete function actively. Should be opposite especially the following the change of 3 each respects, severe add attention;

1, be like the disease patient such as cyst of chronic nephritis, chronic pyelonephritis, kidney stone, kidney to the person that a few already have chronic kidney disease, want to monitor the change of its kidney function regularly, notice to have the inchoate show with the not whole function that do not have kidney at any time. More important is a few righter cause kidney function easily if not complete disease is arteriosclerosis, hypertensive ill, kind the disease patient such as disease of acerbity blood of rheumatism arthritis, diabetic, high make water, dry syndrome, should detect regularly its kidney function each index.

2, a few inchoate symptoms that should discover kidney function is not complete in time, hypertension of the dropsy of the anaemia that is like unidentified reason, unidentified reason, rambunctious and grow in quantity of nocturnal make water, check kidney function to the hospital at any time.

3, if apparently lack of power, dazed, pee measures little, bloated, accept to feed not sweet companion,have symptom of disgusting, vomiting, want to check cure in time to the hospital. The examination of kidney function can pass nitrogen of element of blood in the urine (BUN) , hematic flesh anhydride (Scr) , small globulin of blood in the urine (B2-m) , if index heighten all explains kidney function is damaged, must adopt positive step to treat, otherwise the chance that illness run down will lose conservative treatment.