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Doughty soldier is reluctant to part " again world Hua Tuo "
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Chu Yijin year 41, it is the liberation army the political instructor of some military region, ever caught an individual second-class result, the group that he leads obtains meritorious service of collective third class in maneuver of actual combat of horse and foot. Proper store when uncle lofty aspirations and great ideals wants to achieve the new peak of the career again, disaster arrived. A year ago, chu Yi feels the body is lack of power suddenly, giddy, dazed, do not have method to guide a group to give morning exercises even. Chu Yiyi Xiang Shenjiang body be good at, daily diet also Dou Yiqing is weak give priority to, accordingly he did not care about these unusual situations, thinking is overworked only the chain reaction that cause. Attentive store mom gave medical officer his case report, the doctor considers as hypertension, should give step-down treatment. Store after the uncle took the depressor that mom brings back, it is OK that blood pressure pilot still calculates, but giddy, dazed wait for unwell symptom a bit to did not get alleviating. Ambitious store the uncle did not tell anyone, as before ground of cautious and conscientious cooperates with martial director organization leads a fight. But the clank a strong determined person that merciless devil did not give this effectiveness that it is a country the heart give in charity that sympathizes with pity. On March 10, 2006, the Chu Yi that is tormented mind all is exhaustedly by ailment went to Nantong university accessary hospital sees a doctor. Assay result makes a family astonish: Kidney function: Flesh anhydride acerbity 531mmol/L of 229 μ Mol/L, make water; Uric convention: Albumen, occult blood - , leucocyte 3/HP How doesn't Chu Yi also believe he can suffer from on chronic kidney function is not complete, but the fact is placed in at the moment, not allow he is denied. The doctor adopted the step-down that protect kidney, cure that discharge poison. After a month, chu Yifu checks kidney function, discover flesh anhydride acerbity 598 Mmol/L of 209 μ Mol/L, make water; Uric convention: Albumen, occult blood - soon improvement of illness it doesn't matter, enterprise is heavy store the uncle asks strongly to answer a team to lead troops. Military region leader knows store after the uncle's circumstance, do thought work to him in turn, and large-scale has public opinion poll, eventually therapeutics specializes in the high-tech gene Chinese traditional medicine that hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine uses fish Shijiazhuang organization of nephritic pathological changes, to thoroughly fixed position, cleared immunity to target of organization of nephritic pathological changes complex matter reachs necrotic organization, have the characteristic with cleared and complete, strong, curative effect is tall and lasting effect. In view of Shijiazhuang nephrosis hospital is in blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to enjoy high reputation domestic and internationally, military region leads unanimous decision, specially sends Shijiazhuang him with special hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, and put the big holiday of half an year to him, want him to set one's mind at recuperate. When Chu Yi seeing first, I also cannot contact the heroic bearing of the charge forward on he before and battlefield anyhow. Dark and gloomy of his color of skin, thin, systemic skin has urea frost deposit, show hidebound performance, because of long-term insomnia, his eye does not have a god however greatly, seem enveloped a grey mist, the double leg that he shows outside litter is already bloated wear no less than shoe. If not be the heavy responsibility that body bosom keeps the home to defend a country, does a normal person bear we should like to ask how possibly the double torment of this kind of psychology and physiology? The doctor enthusiasm of my courtyard recieved Chu Yi, made detailed and exact inspection for him: Hematic flesh anhydride 280.5 μ Mol/L BUN 12.03mmol/L; Uric Pro 3; Hematic Hb79g/L; Existence toxin accumulates position, double kidney is atrophic. The examination makes clear as a result: Function of nephritis of chronic kidney spherule, chronic kidney does not break acting countervail completely period. Nephritis of chronic kidney spherule is one group sends the immunity disease at kidney spherule formerly by what a variety of pathogenies cause, much hair at medium, youth, later period anaemia, hypertension and kidney function fail, come eventually uremia. Hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine recieves Shijiazhuang every year similar Chu Yi on such case of illness 1000. Want to adopt true remedial plan only, chu Yi is OK from inside because treat,bringing about the shadow with chronic kidney completely not exasperate function not appropriate or not in time disengagement comes out. The officers and soldiers of Chu Yi's family and even whole military region cure store last hope of the uncle gave Shijiazhuang hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine. Chronic kidney function does not miss generation completely the characteristic of countervail period is an illness wave motion is big, relapse easily, aggravating, because this is in,blood pressure appears in remedial process quantity of elevatory, make water decreases it is normal to wait for a phenomenon to be belonged to. The psychology that brings from this to alleviate is panicky, the doctor called together Chuyi's family member, made rigid dietary system. To because the overworked, cold, infection illness that cause is exasperate,prevent, the doctor is special exhort cure protects personnel to notice store the disinfection of uncle place ward and ventilated problem. Store the uncle falls in so considerate and careful consideration, after a week, can have walked below, give other because nephrosis creates view,ambiguous wardmate recites newspaper. Listening to Chu Yizi antrum is round, simple and honest and strong pronunciation, the patient's condition that I know him is in improve gradually, a stone in the heart fell eventually the ground. 2 months went, store it is normal that body ask forring had regained each life of the uncle: Morpheus quality is high, systemic skin moist, hands or feet also is like when just was admitted to hospital icy, uric color turns deep. Each index all normal: Hematic flesh anhydride 104 μ Mol/L, urea nitrogen 7.0mmol/L, unripe flesh anhydride keeps clear of inside lead 82ml/min, hematin 124g/L; Uric convention: Uric albumen, , occult blood - , hematic Potassium 4.5mmol/L; Double kidney B exceeds show: Left kidney 4 × of 9 × 3.5cm, right kidney 4.5 × of 9.1 × 3.5cm, qualitative change of double kidney skin is profound. Hold fresh a bunch of flowers in both hands to the front of Chu Yishen when me, when congratulating his rehabilitation to leave hospital, he says excitedly: "Our soldier is the most exquisite be practical and realistic. Today, I knew two things through my personal experience eventually: The first: Again strong soldier also has face a disease to take soft when; The 2nd: Again stubborn nephrosis also has face Hua Tuo again when generation lay down one's arms surrenders. Is Hua Tuo in? Be in Shijiazhuang is contemporary hospital of nephrosis of blood of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine! " a few words of Chu Yi come the cure of see sb off protects personnel to tease. I had made telephone call of pay a return visit a few times to Chu Yi later, he says the body is very good, the kidney function inspection that makes regularly is regular also, relapse without occurrence illness. He fight is high-spirited now, target practice can be successive several 10 annulus! He still says, want to lead ask for instructions with military region, shijiazhuang the calm dot of hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine as officers and men of military region collectivity check-up hospital. "Treat early discovery, early, strangle nephrosis in the cradle! " Chu Yi's humour affected me again. Bless Chu Yi, bless all standing fast to be in the army made up of the sons of the people of frontier defence forefront people!
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