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Not dialytic also can treat kidney to decline
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I am Sun Fengmei, this year 28 years old, I am lived in in the country, I also am done not clear him where will it all end this is ill, after-thought rises now, the likelihood is to catch a cold before, voice aches etc, also should not return a responsibility all the time, appear later lack of power, lumbar acerbity backache. This is commonner phenomenon for the country, most person considers as work tired, should return a responsibility far from so, add rural work much, also do not smoke give time to make an inspection, in the course of contacts gives disease delayed, as the accentuation of the illness, I began to appear disgusting, vomit, lack of power, lumbar acerbity backache is more apparent, still appeared height is bloated, must not make an inspection with just going to a hospital. Assay result comes out, the doctor says flesh anhydride already was achieved 690, urea nitrogen was achieved 21, tell me to say, I had been in kidney to decline period, if do not clutch,treat, can turn very quickly for uremia, suggest I have dialytic treatment. But compare insecurity as a result of at hand, and listen to others to had said to do dialytic very painful, if was done dialytic that is done not have how old hoped, then I abandoned dialytic cure, let a doctor open dot medicine to me, come home take, but used the remedy of a many month hind, this flesh anhydride and urea nitrogen also did not fall all the time, the symptom accentuated instead.

I feel this disease has been treated gradually bad, everyday the mood is very low, the meal also does not want to eat, what to do bloodless also, say artful also, have a meal midday one day, as it happens sees broadcast on TV lecture of general of Kang Ke of Jin Huiyi kidney, listen to an expert to say gene Chinese traditional medicine, use the treatment of high-tech, execute two-way immunity to adjust, can realize kidney of rehabilitate of bring down toxin to injure an unit, this lets me a hope was lighted in the heart, then I dialed advisory hot line, after the expert undertook detailed analysis according to my actual condition, tell me to be able to use try out of a period of treatment completely, want to be taken by period of treatment only, the food that abides by a doctor and the guidance that live daily can see an apparent effect very quickly, say like the expert really in that way, after I used a period of treatment, disgusting, vomiting was reduced, lack of power, lumbar acerbity backache also disappeared, reach a hospital one assay, flesh anhydride also began to drop, achieved 670. I feedback this information in time to the expert, the expert says my kidney function is in the position that regains stage by stage, want to insist to take only, with respect to can progressively rehabilitation, listened to the doctor's work, I treat confidence more sturdily, the sweetheart sees my illness recovers stage by stage very glad really, their whats do not make me dry, say to want to be able to cure disease only, realized their greatest desire namely, this not I had used 3 period of treatment now, disgusting, vomitive symptom was done not have, the person is invigorative also, before 2 days reach a hospital one assay: Flesh anhydride fell 342, urea nitrogen fell 11, my place did not think of this, I must insist to take, cure my disease, it is the hope that hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine gave Shijiazhuang my life, the Chinese traditional medicine that is them saved my life.
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