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The expert talks about nephrosis after all to be able to be cured according to p
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Li Li, female, 39 years old, hubei saves Wuhan city person.

Be admitted to hospital diagnose: Function of nephritis of chronic kidney spherule, kidney is not complete (uremia period) , sex of kidney sex anaemia, kidney is hypertensive.
Was admitted to hospital for the first time on July 25, 2006, appetite of existence of the patient when be admitted to hospital is poor, disgusting, the symptom with lack of power vomiting, pee is colorless without odour. Assay result shows: 6.68mmol/L of Potassium of electrolyte blood of 1440umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, AB 36mmol/L, instantly blood is dialytic, correct a heart quickly to decline, reduce hematic Potassium, correct acid toxic. The heart declines after correcting, blood is dialytic reduce nephritic burden, below the premise that assures patient life safety, use treatment of my courtyard characteristic answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics, repair kidney structure, restore nephritic function.
Course blood is dialytic, hematic Potassium of the patient falls 4.5mmol/L, AB18mmol/L, , the patient can be made the same score lie fall asleep, the circumstance also is in stable condition. After passing Chinese traditional medicine to treat 9 days, patient blood pressure tends stable, and the color in make water also becomes deep, odour is thicker than before also, the other people of white garrulous account in make water is much also rise. Treat 15 days, disgusting vomiting symptom disappears, uric volume rises to 1000 milliliter from original 100ml, the time with dialytic blood also was lengthened, turn into twice by a week weekly. Stability of patient's condition of the patient after a month leaves hospital. The patient has been cast off now dialytic, went up too the happy life of normal person.
Can't help thinking from inside her incident! Can be nephrosis cured after all? This problem is the focal problem that medical treatment bound argues all the time.
As the development of science and technology, of medical treatment level rise, we believe nephrosis is the disease that can cure. So how can nephrosis just cure?
In Cong Lili's example, do not give a few verdict inaccessibly, nephrosis has cured hope! Not be to resemble what people place imagines at the outset in that way nephrosis has been equal at cancer, await people die only " .
Want to obtain best remedial result, cure nephrosis to need us to note the following respect:
1, early diagnose early treatment, equal treatment should choose more when go to a doctor

2, establish get at the root of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, western medicine take temporary solution, the specimen needs to hold treated idea concurrently
3, nephrosis is a kind of chronic, on cure the patient should have dozen " protracted battle " psychological preparation.
4, establish active thought, hopeful state of mind 5, pay attention to medical effect already, should take dietotherapy seriously more.
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