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How does high-tech gene Chinese traditional medicine treat kidney put together?
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Patient full name: Zhang Yumei sexual distinction: Female, the age: Clever birthday of 35 years old of Heibei

The primary affection history: Nephrosis is asked for integratedly (NS)

The circumstance when be in hospital: With systemic dropsy, frequent micturition, make water urgent be admitted to hospital, PRO 4 is checked after be admitted to hospital, 24 hours of mensurable 4.63 G/24h, fight catenary " 0 " , kind rheumatism factor " " , weight 48.5kg.

Remedial course: Applied aweto originallies law of this soup of invigorate the circulation of blood protects nephritic function. And fight coagulate, fight infection to wait for pair of disease cure.

When leaving hospital: Urgent symptom of frequent micturition, make water disappears, dropsy disappears, 24 hours of ration: 0.36g/24h weight 40 Kg.

Now circumstance: Patient position is good, the illness did not relapse.

Comment on: Nephrosis is asked for integratedly (NS) it is the clinical disease that a variety of a group of pathogenies cause group, main with " disease of blood of tall lipemia, tall oedema, high protein make water, low albumen " 3 tall one low for the feature. After thinking nephrosis is asked for integratedly basically is the body is affected on medicine, immunity is formed inside human body complex matter, injured protective screen of negative electric charge of film of kidney spherule base, cause a large number of serous albumen leakage thereby, cause disease of low albumen blood, metabolization of oedema of then occurrence height, lipoprotein appears mussily tall lipemia.

Hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine uses Shijiazhuang because contemporary Gao Keji changes a technology, chinese traditional medicine at Western medicine perfect union, target to the focus of a disease that is located in film of kidney spherule base surely, be united in wedlock cheek by jowl with its, a large number of deposit and this immunity complex matter keeps clear of and outside eduction body, from go up at all eliminated all sorts of treating a disease factor. In the meantime, have repair to the film of kidney spherule base of damage, the charge protective screen that makes damage restores a function afresh. Such, many albumen element won't again from leakage of film of kidney spherule base, the nature in uric fluid did not have the albumen element that exceeds bid; Charge protective screen by repair hind, humoral balance is able to maintain, the disorder condition of environment of inside and outside also is improved, oedema, tall lipemia disappears subsequently namely.

Adopt above therapy, this patient is in the oedema when leaving hospital is already complete subsidise, weight by original 48.5Kg, drop 40Kg, the patient's illness had brand-new improvement, the final recover from an illness of nephrosis is time problem only, different after all patient is individual difference is bigger, oneself immunity force is different, resumptive time nature also is the same as very much.
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