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Cast off dialytic worry thoroughly.
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Diagnose: Function of chronic pyelonephritis, chronic kidney is not complete uremia period
Patient: 40 years old of Liaoning save Wang Qing daughter phoenix city county
Time of be in hospital: On August 7, 2006
Leave hospital time: On September 2, 2006
The circumstance when be in hospital
: The patient is diagnosed in place for uremia, already entered groovy and dialytic phase. Lack of power, disgusting, vomiting, the small of the back is aching when be admitted to hospital, support sb with hand by the relative. Faint twice in this, appetite is very bad, ate to be spat, complexion also very cadaverous.
Remedial course: Give during be in hospital dialytic 4, cooperate answer kidney cure of 4 couplet therapeutics, began 7 days to have the effect, uric capacity is much, uric color also was deepened, the other people of white garrulous account in uric fluid also rise. The effect is better and better after 10 days, those who eat is much also, blood pressure also is maintaining stability all the time.
Leave hospital circumstance: Had cast off dialytic. Here in all dialytic 3, july 25 is the 3rd, with before one dialytic time be apart has a week, the flesh anhydride before appearing is 139.2 Ummol/L, the flesh anhydride after appearing is 119.2 Ummol/L. Check to August 2 all the time, 109.2 Ummol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, be apart 10 days need not dialytic flesh anhydride still is inside normal limits.
Hematin rises apparently, lack of power, disgusting, vomiting, the small of the back aches the symptom all disappears, can proper motion activity.
Now circumstance: Check during the home 97 Ummol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, and did not go all the time blood is dialytic, kidney function still normal, can say the patient had cast off dialytic worry thoroughly.