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Be in hospital 45 days, cure kidney function hypertension of sex of not complete
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Patient: Li Liping, female, 50 years old, shandong saves sunshine city person.

Advocate because of: Giddy, lack of power, anorexia, disgusting 3 years, aggravating. A year, came via friend introduction in March 2005 my courtyard cure.

Diagnose: Sex of kidney of? of ⑵ of  of depend on of bad  of  of exemplarying locust of δ of Yu of  fall from the sky is hypertensive kidney sex is anaemic

[System is examined when be admitted to hospital]

BP: 160/100mmlg, eyelid conjunctiva and lip all cadaverous, double lung breathes phonic Qing Dynasty, heart sounds is strong, the heart expands below bound towards the left, abdomen does not have mobile sex voiced sound, dropsy is spent in double lower limbs, limb coma. Check hematic convention: Hb: 20 G/L, PLT: 96 × 109/L, bun: 15.5mmol/L, cr: 380umol/L, UA: 340 Umol/L, b exceeds show: Left kidney right kidney of 8 × 4.0cm 8.7 × 3.8cm.

[Be admitted to hospital remedial] :

After be admitted to hospital, give me the courtyard " Chinese caterpillar fungus originallies this invigorate the circulation of blood, 2, 3 soup " , " kidney of specially good effect declines 3, 5, 6 soup " " Chinese traditional medicine retains enema treatment " the food that cooperates low salt, low fat, high grade low albumen and after treating 21 days to disease, patient anorexia symptom improves above all, appetite increases, lack of power improve, check; Bun: 12.5mmol/L, cr: 281umol/L, UA: 330 Umol/L. Be in hospital the 45th day, complexion and limb end loop are improved, ruddy, oedema disappears. Check; Bun: 9.15mmol/L, cr: 273umol/L, UA: 310 Umol/L.

The patient follows the doctor's advice, after leaving hospital, continue to consolidate cure, the patient after 2 months telephones; Check in place; Bun: 7.05mmol/L, cr: 113umol/L, UA: 310 Umol/L. .