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Experts advise: diet and prevention of nephrotic syndrome
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Nephrotic Syndrome (kidney disease) is due to increased permeability of the glomerular filtration membrane, a large number of plasma proteins lost in the urine caused by the syndrome. Initial symptoms of the disease is not very obvious, the latter mainly in: the eyelid, as well as the visceral serous cavity effusion, such as pleural effusion and ascites. In severe cases, swelling of the skin thin and translucent, the skin will slightly damage seepage. Edema affect the blood circulation, reduce the local resistance, prone to infection. By cause and age of onset can be divided into primary, secondary, congenital three categories, divided into simple nephrotic nephritis nephropathy nephropathy and two. First, the principle of nephrotic syndrome diet 1, the sodium intake: edema should be into the low-salt diet, so as not to aggravate edema, generally no more than 2g daily salt intake is appropriate, disable, preserved foods, use less MSG and the food base, swelling subsided to normal plasma proteins When resume normal diet. 2, protein intake: nephrotic syndrome, large amounts of plasma proteins from the urine, the decrease in body protein status of protein malnutrition, hypoproteinemia, decreased the plasma colloid osmotic pressure, resulting in edema stubborn Nan Xiao, also with the body resistance The decline, so in the renal failure, its early, most of the high quality should be given a higher protein diet (1 ~ 1. 5g/kg * d), such as fish and meat. This helps to alleviate the causes of hypoproteinemia and a number of subsequent complications. But the high protein diet can make kidney glomerular filtration rate of blood flow and increased glomerular capillary at high pressure so that, while intake of protein also increased urinary protein, can accelerate glomerular sclerosis. Therefore, for chronic, non-polar phase of nephrotic syndrome patients should be less the amount of high quality protein intake (0. 7 ~ 1g/kg * d), The emergence of chronic renal damage, it should be low-protein diet (0. 65g/kg * d). 3, fat intake: nephrotic syndrome patients often have hyperlipidemia, arteriosclerosis and this can cause glomerular damage, hardening, so should be limited to animal offal, fat, some seafood rich in cholesterol and fat food intake. 4, trace elements added: the nephrotic syndrome increase the permeability of the glomerular basement membrane, in addition to losing a lot of protein in urine, but also at the same time lost and the protein binding of certain trace elements and hormones, resulting in the body of calcium, magnesium , zinc, iron and other elements of the lack of, should be given appropriate to add. Generally rich in vitamins and trace elements with eating vegetables, fruits, grains, etc. to be added. Second, the daily regimen nephrotic syndrome Nephrotic syndrome with massive proteinuria, hypoalbuminemia, edema, hypertension as the main clinical features of delayed healing of illness, often recurrent increase. Note the following questions if the summer, or impunity. 1, living sometimes, Shen according to the sun Hot summer weather, sunlight for a long time. Nephrotic syndrome, must adapt to changes of weather, to develop good personal habits. Around 1:00 or so the best arrangements for half an hour lunch break, so you can ensure that physical, in order to facilitate recovery. There are some harmful sun rays, such as r-ray, the body can easily cause skin against inflammation, nephrotic syndrome, immunocompromised patients themselves, according to sunlight and should be careful, so as to avoid skin inflammation worse. 2, Diet, not Tan Liang Summer fruits and vegetables variety, color, flavor and funny appetite, but in patients with nephrotic syndrome should strictly implement the dietary rules, must not eat, to avoid increasing the burden on the kidney. Although the swelling can be a diuretic such as watermelon, heat summer heat, but eat the kidneys in urine also increased the burden of too frequent Moreover watermelon sugar accumulated in the body is disease potential crisis. Number of children suffering from nephrotic syndrome, hi to eating ice cream or iced thirst. If occasionally, a few times is not taboo, if you blindly Tanliang the disease than good. Cool or cold can damage a result of gastrointestinal function, resulting in loss of the spleen and stomach health movement, on the condition good. Tan Liang Ruoyin acute enteritis repeated for each illness or aggravate that. Used with caution in patients with nephrotic syndrome in summer it is cold cold product. 3, adequate exercise, pay attention to health Appropriate physical exercise on the recovery of useful disease. Such as walking, tai chi, qigong and so on. It should be noted the time of day to the morning and evening is appropriate, must not at noon when the sun is strong or exercise. Although swimming is a good summer sports programs, but require considerable physical strength to swim, and swimming venues Health not be guaranteed, it is recommended in patients with nephrotic syndrome do not swim. For summer, the health of patients with nephrotic syndrome should include two aspects: First, food hygiene, can not eat sour, overnight contaminated food to avoid gastrointestinal illness that affects rehabilitation. Furthermore, personal hygiene, to frequent change and wash clothing in order to loose, soft cotton is appropriate, to always take a bath, clean the skin to avoid prickly heat, boils infection to disease recurrence or worsening. Should pay attention to mosquito, flies and other insects in summer, prevent their bites, skin infections. 4, note that the indoor environment, attention to sleep hygiene Winter, in patients with nephrotic syndrome should be furnished bedroom spacious, bright and airy, ventilation, to maintain a certain temperature. Air conditioning should not be adjusted too low, the outdoor temperature is below 5c ~ 6 ° c or so is appropriate, or vulnerable to abrupt changes due to the occurrence of hot and cold cold. Bedding should be clean, dry, bedroom should be soft lighting, ventilation. Because basal metabolism after sleep less, poor people's self-defense capabilities, easily catching a cold, so the summer of sleep in patients with nephrotic syndrome, be sure to pay attention to cover the abdomen, the Defence of the stomach Yang, prevention of influenza. 5, Regulating Emotions, abstinence Paul Fine Shu love go rather often repeated illness, blood pressure fluctuations of the important reasons. Nephrotic syndrome, long course, the patient must have the confidence to overcome the disease, cleverly adjust emotions, such as flowers and birds for self-entertainment, calligraphy, reading, chess, etc. can be pleasant mood and promote health. Some patients with nephrotic syndrome, recurrent disease, careful questioning I discovered that the relevant section and is not sexual intercourse. General condition during the recovery period, blood pressure normal, no abnormal urine occasional sexual health harmless. If a high degree of edema, high blood pressure, a low blood albumin, when the sexual life force, the enemy is in stable condition, or even causing deterioration. Summer Yin-chun, had lost the human body, the more, if the kidney in patients with sexual intercourse is not comprehensive section, sweating, Fuzao sex fluid, the condition will be repeated or increased. Therefore, patients with nephrotic syndrome, the best summer taboo sex life.