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Pregnant women with diabetic nephropathy can do
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There are many women with diabetic nephropathy have a big problem, that is, they can be pregnant? Diabetes expert analysis to: One of the following conditions were not pregnant 1. Nephrotic syndrome due to lower plasma albumin, often leading to fetal growth retardation and preterm children. 2. Moderate renal insufficiency in patients with fetal growth retardation and a high incidence of preterm birth, pregnant women, there may be progressive renal function deterioration. 3. Secondary renal diseases, such as pregnant patients with lupus nephritis, may induce or aggravate the condition, it should be very careful. Another example is patients with diabetic nephropathy, pregnancy prone to preeclampsia, premature delivery, fetal malformation, great children and fetal respiratory distress syndrome, and should not be pregnant. Second, some people with diabetic nephropathy in pregnant women can not reason 1. When the hours of pregnant women, human protein is not ... ... the body's blood circulation will increase more than before pregnancy about 1 / 3 or more. And because the increase in the amount of blood circulation through the kidney diet treatment guidelines should be based on the patient's renal function and proteinuria with a level of status confirmation. Also a corresponding increase in blood flow, so pregnant Results of renal salt. Dirty burden. This is very easy to increase the kidney lesions. 2. At the same time as the kidney disease caused by the decline in kidney function, for the development of the fetus inside the mother will be affected. Will appear when serious fetal growth retardation may occur, miscarriage, stillbirth, stillbirth. Third, diabetes experts recommend for pregnant patients with diabetic nephropathy should also note: 1, the appropriate control diet. Intake, negative diabetic patients; intake too low, the adverse fetal growth and development. Therefore, dietitians should be invited to specify a recipe, not only help control the condition of pregnant women, but also beneficial to fetal growth and development. 2, oral hypoglycemic agents during pregnancy should not be so through the placenta to reach the matrix, resulting in neonatal hypoglycemia, or teratogenic, or even death. 3, light condition, control blood sugar through diet in the normal range; severe illness, and can be prescribed insulin injections. 4, regular visits to the obstetrics and endocrinology for inspection, including inspection of fundus, renal function, B-, placental function and fetal conditions. If it is found fundus, renal function deterioration, should immediately terminate the pregnancy. 5, pregnant women, the best to control blood sugar in normal range, if the pregnancy after a successful, well-controlled diabetes, pregnant women without complications, fetal monitoring showed normal, you can wait for natural labor; if pregnant women with vascular disease, 37 an 38 in pregnancy weeks of induction of labor should be considered. Otherwise, there will be dangerous to pregnant women themselves.