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Kidney disease uremia treatment of the four errors
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Kidney disease, uremic this is not a fatal disease, it is because taking the wrong treatment regimens, and repeatedly delayed, repeated exacerbations, and ultimately life-threatening, so be it as a terminal illness. Those patients and their families into the errors, the more government the more important, the more the poorer governance, but to struggle. In fact, kidney disease, the treatment of uremia misunderstanding can be avoided from the outset.

A misunderstanding

Hormones can cure kidney disease

Early onset of many patients feel tired, heavy legs, the morning after, facial swelling, like "fat" as to the hospital and found that protein or occult blood in urine, was identified as kidney disease. Conventional treatment of kidney disease, often the use of oral hormones, Hook, cyclophosphamide and other drugs to control urine protein, occult blood. Was also the beginning of treatment, physical and chemical indicators improved quickly disappeared, but encountered a cold, tired and seizures. So, they began using hormones, so again, each time increasing, gradually nausea, vomiting and other symptoms of renal dysfunction. Actually, it is very simple, urine protein and occult blood appeared in the glomerular basement membrane has been due to serious injury, the simple use of some controlled drugs, from the point of view indicators of urinary protein, occult blood is temporarily gone, does not mean kidney disease cured, The hormone drugs have significant side effects, symptoms not root, index will rise today, down tomorrow.

Error II

Reduce the proof of improved indicators of kidney disease

For a variety of early kidney disease, if only the importance of urinary protein, occult blood, white blood cells, pus ball control treatment, simply down the index, not the cause of kidney disease treatment, could ultimately lead to decreased kidney function, blood toxins accumulate a large number of , serum creatinine, blood urea nitrogen rising. Traditional remedies that: as long as the serum creatinine and blood urea nitrogen test indicators declined, kidney disease to be controlled. So to the patients orally love X special, starch, urine X Qing, Jin X Bao, Ning and other intestinal detoxification kidney X drug, used to reduce creatinine, blood urea nitrogen. It has been seriously neglected diseases of the function of the kidney to repair itself, so that taking these drugs at the same time reduce the indicators, will also be a large number of renal drug abuse, renal function deteriorated rapidly, thereby losing valuable time for treatment. Gradual emergence of severe anemia in patients with frequent vomiting, can not eat, anorexia, high blood pressure, decreased urination, sleep can not be supine, chest tightness, suffocation and other uremic symptoms, hemodialysis or had to go a long way kidney transplant.

Three Mistakes

Dialysis, can not escape

Western medicine believes that if started in patients with uremia, hemodialysis, in order to get rid of is impossible, but the fact is not the case. Because everyone's not the same as the original disease, resulting in uremia and incentives are not exactly the same reasons. If treatment can take effective measures to remove incentives for primary disease, it is possible to get rid of hemodialysis. Many dialysis patients before, mostly long-term stable disease, serum creatinine, uremic nitrogen is relatively stable, not to non-dialysis is not the extent of residual renal function is still considerable, but often due to a cold, fever, lung infection , diarrhea, enteritis, urinary tract infections, poorly controlled hypertension, trauma or emotional disputes with others, or fatigue did not pay attention to rest and other working conditions, leading to deterioration of the disease occurred dialysis. Such being the case, such as renal cell regenerative therapy could be taken to resolve the primary disease and the patient stretched the time between dialysis and eventually get rid of dialysis is possible. If you do not seize the opportunity to promptly correct treatment, a large number of renal units of necrosis, and ultimately can not be reversed, only dependent on dialysis. The enormous cost of dialysis and discomfort, kidney patients and families become unbearable burden.

Four Mistakes

Kidney transplant, the best solution

Transplant and other media in recent years, the tragic story of organ transplants publicity, so many people to think of a uremic kidney transplant.

In fact, the few people lucky enough to transplant success, because too few kidneys, if not immediate family members can provide, in accordance with the laws of our country, waiting for the opportunity to kidney and body type but also with little success. And not every transplant is successful, if failed, the patient should continue to receive dialysis treatment, even in the face again a kidney transplant. Some diseases are not recommended for transplant, as some patients with chronic hepatitis or abnormal liver function, active nephritis, peptic ulcer, urinary tract infection and obstruction associated with lower urinary tract, are not recommended for kidney transplantation. In fact, not once and for all kidney transplant, transplant surgery, patients should take anti-rejection drugs for life, the costs per month fairly, counted and dialysis about the same. U.S. medical experts, statistics: The average transplant survival period of 7 years, survival after renal transplantation in China is generally 5 to 7 years.

Renal units were 1 / 3 of a long dormant, usually does not work, such as renal cell can activate the long-term regeneration of sleeping, it will grow slowly in patients with renal atrophy and restore its function, kidney disease, uremic patients on will usher in a healthy normal life. In order to promote the "renal cell regeneration therapy" Excellence effect, by the "Research Association of Traditional Chinese Medicine" was launched, many large pharmaceutical unit of the United Nations, the media launched a "kidney disease, uremia treatment of errors out of action" in the province with immediate effect . It is reported that activity will be chronic nephritis, uremia, nephrotic syndrome, renal insufficiency, diabetic nephropathy, hypertensive nephropathy, patients with chronic renal failure and other free consultation consultation, individual characteristics of the treatment, drugs and other tax benefits for a number of measures. During the event, friends of patients in need have the opportunity to apply the value of donated 1,000 yuan by the Tibetan Cordyceps and kidney diet guide books (Time October 9 to October 31, places are limited, register as soon as possible.)