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You cannot buy what drug during the Olympic Games
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The Olympic Games will come, monitor the regulation of management board according to national provision medicines and chemical reagents, inside countrywide limits the standard contains biology of a shot in the arm and Chinese traditional medicine the production of preparation, manage and sell, the albumen absorb preparation beyond insulin and peptide are divided in retail drugstore kind hormone, uniform stop to sell. This is meant, dermatitis the smooth, pine that send luck, cough the common people such as bolus of asthma peace, big loose is commonly used medicine is prohibited selling. People network reporter discovers when the much home drugstore of Beijing is visited, daily still many consumer come drugstore asks buy banning the medicaments carry out, after many person that buy drug are rejected, express to not be clear about after all what medicine cannot be bought.

Specific what commonly used medicaments is to ban by the row carry out? Consulted for reporter of this people network national provision medicines and chemical reagents controls management board " the chemical that contains place of catalog of a shot in the arm to arrange matter and list of biological product breed " and " contain list of a shot in the arm the Chinese traditional medicine that arranges matter tastes kind of list " , pick a share meticulously commonly used medicaments is listed, buy medical reference for broad consumer.
(the following medicaments all is chosen only listed a kind of style that pack, ask consumer to notice)

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