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Section of 2008.5.12 international nurse, white garment angelic is blessed
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For congratulatory message of white garment angel

1, the white garment angel of a gleam of, you are our vanguard, it is the Palladium of our life, we are proud for you and proud!
2, " SARS " travel in air, care flows in the network. Bless white garment angel! Your in good health the hope that is us; Your successful smiling face is the most beautiful scenery in our eye!
3, the face that does not know you, know you have a brave heart however!
4, thousands of words, 10 thousand language 1000 character, white garment angel the pride that you are the motherland, be the motherland is proud.
5, you are most angel, wish you lifetime is restful!
6, if because had angel,say the world and become beautiful, so, because had,the world is to you such white garment angel just becomes more beautiful. Serious illness has feeling without the lover, of from the bottom of one's heart esteem you! ! !
7, the accession that when life new bath issues in bright sunshine, you always stand silently at the back to bringing smile! Dedication length a way gives distant place, starlight dedication gives long night, you give the greatest career on this world youth and life dedication! Thank you!
8, the movement that the spirit of Er of Na Ding case played an age again, we are you - respected and beloved white garment bodyguard acclaims, you are leading the soul of a nation, you are great, greet to you! Wish the festival is happy!

9, 1000 roses give you, want you to love your well; 1000 paper crane gives you, let trouble be far from you. . . . Wish all white garment angel are healthy, restful, happy.
10, wish Bai Yi angel flies below the blue sky in freedom at an early date!