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How to make uremic patient implementation benign live
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The undertakes the gender develops chronic illness that chronic kidney disease is health of a group of minatory mankinds group. If be treated without the standard, make progress finally kidney failure, what say normally namely " uremia " . Patient of our country chronic nephrosis is at present close already 50 million, and the number that enters uremia also with annual the rate of 10% rises. The growth of this high rate caused a series of problems. One of, dialytic and change kidney unusual to the patient hardship. 10 patients can fear 10 times dialytic and change kidney, because of dialytic with the charge of medical treatment of high specified number that trades kidney to bring, major patient because the life and place of medical treatment condition are restricted to do not have ability to achieve. A variety of complication that secondly uremia brings become a patient serious cause of death. Disease of heart head blood-vessel, bone disease these are the complication that can cause uremic patient deformity. Uremia makes an impact " the whole world is communal and healthy healthful disease " .

How should remedial uremia use remedy neatly?

How to use remedy neatly? This is the crucial place that treats uremia. Generally speaking, because complication is more, the tradition just is treated to disease, anaemia enrichs the blood, potassium falls high potassium, this kind of method cannot treat little imagine truly uremia. Finally, although the anaemia inside short time and disgusting vomiting symptom can be improved, but because appear,the reason of this kinds of symptom was not eliminated, before long hind the symptom appears to relapse and accentuate also is inevitable.

Search the pathogeny, become uremia to be nodded with a key of medicine. Because uremia is all sorts of nephrosis diseases,development arrives eventually evening the floorboard of a series of symptoms, should plant according to the primary affection so the consideration of generation comes solid employ medicine and cure. Simple for, because the kidney is short of blood,the account that nephrosis produces is anoxic cause, the fiber that started a kidney from this is changed. Nephritic fiber is changed is the kidney arrives to injury by health the process of an advance gradually of attaint, uremia is nephritic fiber is changed eventually evening phase. Right now kidney unit damage of the patient already was as high as 90% , so if want cure from fountainhead proceed with, should restrain a kidney to continue firstly fiber is changed, protect the of 10% kidney unit of remaining; Want to undertake effective changeover to the kidney unit of 90% secondly, utmost develops nephritic function. So this needs from restrain hand of nephritic fiber dissolve, because undertake be fightinged accordingly,send cause of disease in the light of its phlogistic, fight coagulate, prevent thrombosis to wait to have treatment with medicine.
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