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Day of nephrosis of the 3rd world: Perch of Jin adept accept
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March 13, 2008 is day of nephrosis of the 3rd whole world, the mobile theme of this second nephrosis day is the nephritic ” with magical “ , hospital of nephrosis of blood of modern doctor of traditional Chinese medicine will carry Shijiazhuang especially expert of domestic famous nephrosis sits examine, welcome broad nephrosis friend to make an appointment ahead of schedule! Make an appointment hot line 0311-88818558

Became day of nephrosis of the first world to be learned to offer jointly with alliance of international kidney fund by disease of world international kidney on March 9, 2006. The international kidney disease that headquarters sets in Belgian capital Brussels learns the letter that chairman hair comes to, say in letter, in view of current whole world chronic kidney ill incidence of a disease rises ceaselessly, and the knowledge of prevention and cure with ill to this public is lacked generally, society of disease of kidney of classics world international and alliance of international kidney fund offer jointly, the decision rises from 2006 will annual it is world kidney ill day certainly the 2nd of March Thursday.

According to introducing, at present the whole world already had 100 much people to lean dialytic live, and with annual and average the rate of 8 % rises. Shenzhen 5 continent combine traditional Chinese and Western medicine clinical information demonstrates hospital kidney division, chronic kidney disease comes on still appear piece young turn a tide, many uremic patient ages are only 229 years old, the smallest age has ten years old only.

The theme of ill day of kidney of the first world was on March 9, 2006: Inchoate discovery and precaution are chronic the kidney is ill.

March 8, 2007 is day of nephrosis of the 2nd world, 2007 the catchword of world nephrosis day is: Does your kidney return “ ? ” , aim to come through arousing public curiosity propaganda.