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Nephrosis is asked for integratedly
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Officer physician: Zhang Zemin

Patient: Suddenly Yuan Jia, male, 61 years old, the Han nationality, liaoning saves Shenyang person. Postcode: 110024

Diagnose: Chronic kidney function is not complete (uremia eventually not period) , total heart fails (class of heart function Ⅴ , the heart declines Ⅳ is spent) , sex of kidney sex anaemia, kidney is hypertensive,

Advocate because of: Systemic oedema, flustered be discouraged, disgusting half moon beyond be admitted to hospital.

Action in chief: Wei is cold be afraid of cold, brothers hair is cool, color is nigrescent, coma of double lower limbs is unwell, already did not perspire 6 more than years, quantity of 24 hours of make water is not worth 400 milliliter, pee color is light without odour.

Be admitted to hospital examine system: T36.7 ℃, P100 second / cent, P18 second / cent, BP170/110mmHg, force to lie partly, spend oedema, double eyelid oedema again all over, double conjunctiva is cadaverous, lip color is light, jugular anger piece, double lung bottom can be heard reach wet 啰 sound, percuss of right lung bottom shows voiced sound, heart needle is fluctuant and apparent, limits dispersion, the area before the heart can touch quiver, bound of heart voiced sound expands to two side, the area before the heart can be heard reach diastole period to go straight towards Ma Lv, aorta valve and area of auscultation of pulmonary artery valve can be heard reach cacophony of appearance of systole period hair drier. Abdominal Peng grand, palpation is dissatisfactory, percussion shift is sonant and electropositive, double kidney area kowtows attack painful positive.

Assay result shows: Nitrogen of element of 2167umol/L of hematic flesh anhydride, hematuria 39mmol/L, haemoglobin42g/ 6.7mmol/L of Potassium of L, blood, AB12mmol/L, AG25mmol/L.

Consultation of group of expert of complete courtyard doctor is asked instantly after be admitted to hospital, consultation opinion is: Instantly blood is dialytic, correct a heart quickly to decline, reduce hematic Potassium, correct acid toxic. The heart declines after correcting, use treatment of my courtyard characteristic -- Chinese traditional medicine of gene n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine therapeutics, in blood dialytic reduce nephritic burden, below the premise that assures patient life safety, repair kidney structure, restore nephritic function, make its cast off blood to appear finally, be on the road of rehabilitation. But the patient refuses dialytic, the patient says: "I died namely not dialytic also " . Patient family member also says: "We come, how will be returned dialyticly! " , we say to the patient: "You are dialytic now it is for not dialytic in the future ah! Your dialytic now purpose has two: Above all the most critical is to correct a heart to decline, reduce hematic Potassium, make sure life is safe, you have life risk at any time now, if join a fate also most likely, what to still count on to cast off dialytic? Common saying says well ' stay so that green hill is in, do not be afraid of do not have bavin to burn ' , you made sure life is safe only now, just talk to go up cast off dialytic ah; Another purpose is to carry fixed blood dialytic, reduce nephritic burden. This got ill need to recuperate like a person same, the kidney also needs to recuperate, ability in me action issues the gene Chinese traditional medicine of the courtyard, structure of faster repair damage kidney, restore nephritic function, restore your own function that discharge poison, cast off finally dialytic. " . Patient and family member listened to express to understand, sign on dialytic detailed list, express to agree dialytic.
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