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Treat nephrosis: Administering thoroughly just is best choice
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Patient: 26 Zhejiang save Dong Chong Jiang Nan peaceful wave person, postcode: 315041

Diagnose: It is normal that the former nephrosis that send a gender asks for kidney function integratedly period congenital heart disease

Action in chief: Dropsy of discontinuity whole body accentuates 8 years 30 days

Course of diagnosis and treatment: The patient is resulted from red pharynx of portion occurrence pharynx is painful in December 1998 dropsy of occurrence whole body begins after waiting for the upper respiratory tract to affect a symptom, with face ministry double lower limbs is relatively apparent check uric albumen 4 in local hospital then, diagnose ask for integratedly for nephrosis, give person blood albumin 100 milliliter static point, day, in all quiet place 3 days, prednisone piece 60 milligram, morning rises to be taken suddenly, subsidise of dropsy of the 1 whole body after week, uric albumen turns prednisone of the profess to convinced after shade piece weekly halve piece in all 7 months decrease profess to convinced during the quantity ends, afore-mentioned symptoms did not have a relapse. The patient appeared again after cold overworked in June 2003 systemic dropsy checks uric albumen 4, occult blood 2, at fluid of inject of the root of remembranous milk vetch of penicillin of local hospital quiet place (specific dosage is unspecified) fluid of fluorine beauty loose inject 10 milligram, bit staticcer, day, subsidise of dropsy of the whole body after 1 week hind stops drug and decoction treats Chinese traditional medicine of profess to convinced 20 days, uric albuminuria occult blood all turns shade, the patient appeared again after taking aloe capsule in Feburary 2006 the whole body is bloated, 2 large hospitals check province short for Zhejiang Province uric albumen 4, occult blood 2, serous total albumen32.6g/ L, albumin8.3g/ L, thrombin time 17.3 seconds, fibrinogen5.58g/ L, b exceeds show left kidney 9.6*5.2cm, right kidney 11.9*5.8cm
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