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Vitamin B1 lacks the clinical expression of disease and remedial method
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Dimension advocate element B1 is body inside activator of important live thing, with complementary enzymatic form participates in a variety of enzymatic system activities, especially the combustion process of candy. Store inside body not much, easy happening lack. Normal need measures a baby D of not less than / of 0 · 5mg, d of / of 2mg of cheeper L ~ , wet nurse D of / of 3 ~ 4mg.

(- ) medical history
1. Wet nurse or artificial feed in food lack vitamin B1 for a long time; Children is carried for a long time feed, partiality for a particular kind of food or have chronic digestive function disorder medical history.
2. Ill the choke when can having lack of power, anorexia, disgusting, vomiting, diarrhoea or constipation, morbid night crying of babies, cracked, lactation coughs wait for a symptom.
3. Drag in heart person have energy of life urgent, heart-throb, purple, make water is mixed less the heart function such as oedema is not complete symptom.
4. Congenital beriberi person, pregnant mother food lacks vitamin B1, new student expression cries make faint, mind force of dispirited, absorb weak, be addicted to sleeps, oedema, increase improvement of the at once after vitamin B1.
5. With vitamin B1 the experiment treats can quick yield results.
(2) medical
1. Tired of decline of average performance spirit, weight is not added, sluggish of hair long growth is late, inchoate can give oedema of ministry of now limb ankle, extend to the whole body even. Abdominal examination sees celiac wall softness peristalsis of faint, abdominal distension, bowel is weak.
2. Tension of flesh of neurological nape limb reachs shallow reflex low, jelly, insensitively, greatly to disappear abate or completely, be addicted to sleeps, insensible, convulsions, breath does not rectify the person that weigh. All round the feeling when neuritis is unusual show ascendant sex, symmetry, develop up by lower limbs.
3. Circulatory system heart expands, heart sounds is young, the heartbeat is fast, can have law going straight towards a horse, diastole period blood pressure is reduced, pressing of arteries and veins is added in. The person that weigh can produce heart failure suddenly, the oedema that has different rate or chorion antrum accumulate fluid, die even.
[Treat law] : Lukewarm kidney helps this world, enrage benefit water all right
Ripe monkshood 5 Chinese cassia tree 3 the rhizome of large-headed atractylodes 8 cloud Ling 10 lustre have diarrhoea 6 the root of bidentate achyranthes 6
Yam 10 dangshen 10 ginger 2 big jujubes 5
[Add decrease] :
(1) mental efforts is feeble person, add the root of red-rooted salvia 8 broil licorice 3 cassia twig 5
(2) asthma hurried, sweat is much person, aggravating dangshen is 15 the fruit of Chinese magnoliavine of 15 clam Jie flesh of 5 hill dogwood 8 oyster 20
(Long capacity of 3) pee Qing Dynasty is much, go lustre have diarrhoea, add dodder fat of 8 filling bone 6
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