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The expert guides you to understand uremia in the round
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Uremia is to show human body cannot produce uric juice through the kidney actually, outside the waste material that produces the metabolization inside body and too much moisture eduction style, the harm that cause. After modern medicine thinks uremia is kidney function is lost, process of airframe interior biochemistry is disorder and of generation a series of complex ask for integratedly. is not an independent disease, call kidney function exhaustion is asked for integratedly or abbreviation kidney declines. After PIORRY and HERITER described kidney function to fail 1840, this term offers.   

Group of expert of hospital of Shijiazhuang blood nephrosis above all the evolution process proceed with from kidney failure, to uremic generation, change and shunt had the knowledge of deeper administrative levels.   

One, because kidney function exhaustion undertakes function of sexual kidney unit is lost, occurrence kidney function does not produce kidney to decline completely. However, normal person has unit of 2 million kidney, in same time, unit of not all kidney works, the blood that some kidney unit accepts is less, be in rest condition (spare kidney unit) . Have sexual kidney disease, these reserve are lost, the kidney unit number that has a function decreases, increased the burden of leftover kidney unit further again, the gross of moisture of these kidney unit eduction and trash is finite, the moisture inside body and azotic sex trash are met save up, clinical occurrence uremia. Cause kidney function besides nephritic itself disease outside exhaustion, because heart failure, shock or other reason cause blood pressure to drop, kidney perfusion is insufficient, also can cause kidney function exhaustion, kidney of the sex before calling kidney declines. And the main reason that function of kidney of the sex after kidney fails is uric road block and uric fluid countercurrent.   

2, the reason that kidney function fails

The reason that function of 1. acute kidney fails

Exhaustion of acute kidney function also calls acute kidney canaliculus necrotic (ATN) , using this term is not very appropriate, but it is used quite generally, after exhaustion of acute kidney function often happens in a large number of organizations to injure, be like crush injuries, old blood vessel operation hind, acute is necrotic sex pancreatitis, serious septicemia of bacili of negative of family name of fracture, change orchid and certain contagion (epidemic haemorrhage heat, malign malaria) etc, exhaustion of acute kidney function is OK also nephritis of spherule of kidney of inadequacy of perfusion of the low blood pressure that causes because of exsanguine and overmuch, dehydrate and heart failure, kidney, acute, erupt quality pyelonephritis, repulsion of transplanting kidney acute reacts and have the material of special noxiousness to the kidney, like carbon of mercuric, bismuth, phosphor, 4 chloridize and certain poison bacterium is mixed the medicaments such as antibiotic is caused. Treatment of exhaustion of acute kidney function is proper, kidney function can restore, acute kidney function fails from come on kidney function restores basically, need 2 weeks of ~ about 4 weeks, inside this phase, blood of most patient need is dialytic maintain life.   
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