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What do you know to drink to have to affect to nephritis?
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Medicine considers to make clear, the wine that we drink 90% above metabolize inside liver, liver is very strong to the metabolizable energy force of alcohol, if we are drinkable 50 milliliter Maotai, namely about 3O overcomes alcohol, hepatic metabolization needs 46 hours about.
But, liver is cost in order to injure his to the metabolization of alcohol, because want to use up in metabolization process many complementary enzymatic I, complementary enzymatic II and cellular pigment P450, of these material excessive use up what can cause liver cell is necrotic, make hepatic fiber changes cirrhosis of down to liver gradually. This just drinks pair of hepatic harms, can say to the whole body each viscera have a harm. Long drink bender causes function of anaemic, plaque disorder, produce all sorts of haemorrhage; Can bring about gastric bowel to absorb undesirable, nutrient lack is treated bring about airframe to be reduced to vitamin B1, B2 and folic acid utilization rate, vitamin B6 eduction increases; Still can bring about sclerosis of appearance of tall lipemia, arterial congee to wait; Above these harms that are pair of whole bodies, we know, the rehabilitation of nephritic disease needs to have good ' surely " environment, drink adverse to the rehabilitation of nephritic disease. Additional, drink to also have harm to the kidney, drinking meeting affects the nitrogen balance of airframe, increase to be decomposed proteinly, add the urea nitrogen content in blood, this increases nephritic burden necessarily, if normal person problem still is not very great, but not complete to nephritis patient or chronic kidney function patient will tell, be disease rehabilitation " obstacle " .
Of course, a few drinking that have certain profit to the body, if can strengthen what airframe injures to ultraviolet ray to defend ability is waited a moment, but here a few it is little little, about one day folds synthetic alcohol only a few grams, ordinary water capacity for liquor is impossible so little, measure very difficult control, accordingly, nephritis patient had better is far from " beautiful wine.