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What is nephritis?
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Kidney is located in human body waist, control each one, central position is occupied in urology. Every kidney by about 100 ~ unit of 2 million kidney is comprised, the kidney canaliculus that unit of a kidney mixes to be linked together with it by spherule of a kidney again is formed. Kidney spherule is blood capillary ball, blood is supplied originate kidney is arterial, there is the area that fasten film between its blood capillary, kidney spherule bursa is outside its. It is the pathological changes place of nephritis, so, nephritis full name " kidney spherule nephritis " .

Main function of the kidney is through making uric juice, outside the body of physiology material eduction such as ion of material of the metabolization trash inside human body and redundant moisture, will acidity metabolization, Potassium, natrium, so humoral to propping human body balance has important sense. When the kidney is sick, function of this kind of physiology is broken, can appear much make water or little make water, oedema, acid is toxic wait for a symptom, can produce uremia even. Additional, the kidney still can be made a few inside secrete element, adjust blood pressure, stimulative red blood cell is generated, adjust calcic metabolization, so nephritic ill patient appears easily hypertensive, anaemia and bone disease.

Kidney spherule blood capillary by endodermis cell layer, base film layer, sufficient dash forward epithelial layer composition, have filtration film effect, have effect of charge protective screen, can undertake filtering to flowing into nephritic blood, in can stopping blood, visible part is like red leucocyte and macromolecule protein leakage. Nephritis patient, kidney spherule is put in phlogistic sex pathological change, action of film of kidney spherule filtration happens unusual, so clinical and common albuminuria, hematuria.

Of course, the symptom such as occurrence oedema, lumbago, albuminuria, hematuria, not be nephritis disease certainly, because the nephritic disease beyond nephritis is like tumour of n/med tuberculosis of pyelonephritis, kidney, kidney, kidney stone to wait, and the other system disease beyond the kidney declines like the heart, disease of liver cirrhosis, department of gynaecology, also can appear these symptoms. Accordingly, with the patient that these symptoms see a doctor, divide should outside pee of regular chemical examination, still answer to observe blood pressure closely, check nitrogen of hematic flesh anhydride, urea to wait for kidney function index regularly, take the whole body seriously adequately the examination of each system, the afterwards that eliminates a variety of systemic sex diseases to cause sends sexual kidney disease.

In fact, nephritis is not a kind of single defect kind, include the kidney spherule illness that nephritic itself sends formerly already, the follow that includes the be caused by such as purpura of systematization lupus erythematosus, irritability, hepatitis B again sends disease of sexual kidney spherule, no matter be clinical symptom, still send lapse to of ill mechanism and development trend, illness, all very complex. Although congeneric the acute nephritis of disease of spherule of the former kidney that send a gender, rabid sex nephritis, hide sexual nephritis, chronic nephritis, nephrosis to be asked for integratedly, lapse to of manage of interpretation of the cause of clinical symptom, hair, illness also is put in vast difference. Accordingly, mere diagnostic nephritis is insufficient, return should further examination, in order to solve clinical diagnose, even pathology diagnoses a problem.
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