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Nephrosis patient cannot eat Yang Tao
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Carambola is a kind of fruit that originates in South Asia tropics and semi-tropical area, originate in and other places of Guangdong, Guangxi, Yunnan, Fujian, Hainan, Taiwan more in our country. To most person, carambola is a kind of goluptious fruit, but for the patient that fails to kidney function, of its noxiousness make a person by force fab, but because action of this kind of noxiousness is right the influence face of the crowd is lesser, so long-term since the attention that did not cause people.

In recent years, all have document story domestic and internationally, in and other places of our country Guangdong, Hainan, Guangxi, Fujian, Taiwan, appear to already had the toxic case after carambola of edible of chronic nephrosis patient. Toxic future trouble person can appear strength of coma of stubborn sex hiccup, limbs, muscle drops, skin feeling unusual, insomnia, excited, thinking is disorder, epileptic fit, be addicted to sleeps, the toxic symptom such as insensible, diarrhoea, hematuria, the person that weigh can endanger life.

We also had encountered the patient with aggravating disease of the kidney after eating Yang Tao, if send sexual nephrosis to ask for the recrudesce after the patient eats Yang Tao integratedly formerly, after undertaking carambola of dialytic uremic patient edible, happen insensible, blood in the urine appears after some children have Yang Tao even.

Relevant experiment hints, carambola causes afore-mentioned illnesses, can send abnormal reaction to concern with its. Some kind of material in carambola can make film of base of kidney spherule blood capillary and epithelial injury, bring about blood in the urine thereby.  

Clinical in discovery, with blood dialytic method rescue weighs disease toxic patient, can make toxic symptom disappears quickly, demonstrative blood is dialytic have favorable cleared effect to Yang Tao's toxin.