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Nephrosis treats medium error
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In recent years, in the process of diagnosis and treatment of nephrosis, produced the phenomena of a few diagnosis and treatment that should not produce. A few hospitals and doctor, no matter oneself have the ability that does not have remedial nephrosis and requirement, mere for economic interest, receive the uremic patient that treats nephrosis and danger to weigh with respect to toughen one's scalp-brace oneself. This kind treats behavior for the purpose with angle economy interest, serious bungle the optimal treatment opportunity of nephrosis, cause many this very should fast the nephritis that can cure is protracted however became kidney to decline or uremia; The patient that ought not to die originally however because of be treated by accident and die. Confront this kind of abnormal phenomenon, regard nephrosis as normal hospital of cure, accountability a few problems that the attention answers in seeking the patient cure course accuse at the patient, patient of in an attempt to takes roundabout way less on the way that seeks medical service, little be decieved.

It is the error of take temporary solution and effect a permanent cure;

In nephritis phase, outstanding performance of the patient is occult blood and protein are contained in make water, in this phase, western medicine often can use pair of disease diminish inflammation, hold <> concurrently pound therapeutics with hormone (take temporary solution) , the advantage of this therapeutics is to get effective fast, clinical curative effect is good. If stop medical time and hormone to reduce an amount,the problem of existence is when time control is not accurate, easy recrudesce (rebound) . The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine often is the essential Qing Dynasty that is aimed at nephrosis filling this world of silt of hot, alexipharmic, dispel, method of treating yin deficiency by reinforcing body fluid and nourishing the blood for the method (effect a permanent cure) . The advantage of this kind of therapeutics is after curing, do not have a relapse, the medical skill that defect is this therapeutics is bad to master, apply rise to be opposite hard disease, cure rate is so low, remedial period is long. When nephrosis enters a function to damage level, larger or many flesh anhydride and uric poisonous nitrogen can appear in the patient's make water. Inside this specification human body already store took poison of a lot of make water. At this moment, it is Western medicine no matter, still be a doctor of traditional Chinese medicine, it is it is main measure in order to discharge poison. On therapeutics, western medicine often discharges poison and blood with alvine path dialytic give priority to. The doctor of traditional Chinese medicine emphasizes invigorate the circulation of blood changing silt and detoxify to come loose the knot.

Cure of afore-mentioned Chinese and Western treat a method, though be groovy therapeutics, but if master skilled, use do sth in the proper way, the effect should be better. Also can make a lot of patients restore health, even when nephrosis enters a function to damage level, if treatment is proper, can make the harm of kidney function produces changeover all the same. Most at least is OK illness of keep within limits continues to worsen, raise a patient live quality. The key of the problem is: Because go to a doctor is undeserved,many patients are, enter a fault the gate of the hospital, entered the error that nephrosis treats by accident, did not make the illness improves not only, make the illness entered kidney function exhaustion very quickly instead, even the crisis arrived life.
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