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The ultimate cluster of nephrosis reachs main show;
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The commonnest nephrosis is like below a few types roughly; Nephrosis of nephritis of nephritis of spherule of urgent, chronic kidney, spherule of rabid sex kidney, LgA (hide sexual nephritis) , nephrosis is asked for integratedly and cyst of nephritis of dependency of liver of nephrosis of nephritis of purpura of lupus sex nephritis, irritability, gouty sex, diabetic nephrosis, second, kidney (many bursa kidney) , , urethral and integrated ask for etc.

No matter be nephrosis of former hair sex or afterwards hair sex, its later period all can develop the function that it is kidney not complete kidney declines, uremia.

Main show is nephrosis; What degree differs is tired and lack of power, be addicted to sleeps, lumbago, lumbar genu aching and limp, hypertensive, albuminuria, occult blood, eyelid is bloated, dropsy of double lower limbs. If treat not seasonable or measure is undeserved can make the illness develops ceaselessly, uremia period still can appear the whole body is bloated, anaemic, skin Sao is urticant, disgusting vomiting, electrolyte is disorder, acerbity nitrogen of anhydride of flesh of toxic, blood, urea is elevatory wait. Later period but drag in the vital organs of the human body, can appear even pericardium accumulates fluid, thorax accumulating fluid, bring about heart, lung, kidney 3 dirty functions fail, make illness more defer heals hard.