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The nephrosis knowledge that nephrosis patient must understand
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Nephrosis is the person's kidney produces the abbreviation of of all kinds disease, appellative for nephritic disease. The kidney is the important blowdown hub of human body, its important physiology function is carry make water generate and excrete, make many human body metabolizes outside child eduction body, anhydride of the acid that be like make water, urea, flesh, sulfate, sulfur kind material and inorganic salt. Its action is through filtering human body reachs the harmful material in blood, and the water that props human body, electrolyte and soda acid balance, ensure the stability of condition of human body core, research makes clear: The content of human body metabolization that the kidney excretes is as high as 300 a variety of.

Nephritic workload is very big, should filter about everyday portion of 180 kilograms of water. And blood medium agreement metabolizes 1.8 kilograms content outside the formal eduction body with make water. Nephrosis belongs to immunity disease, sending ill main reason is: Human body is when immune function is low, bacterium and virus take advantage of a weak point the different position that invades a kidney and cause different nephritic disease. Because be immunity disease, appear easily to defer does not heal and relapse ceaselessly.

Once the kidney produces a disease, its are main and clinical expression is: Amount of ① make water is unusual: Be like abrupt little make water, much make water and grow in quantity of nocturnal make water; ② micturition is unusual: Be like the frequent micturition that appears suddenly, make water urgent, make water is painful, glowing etc; Outward appearance of fluid of ③ make water is unusual: Be like the pee bubble grow in quantity that appears suddenly, there is blood in make water or is albumen to wait in make water; ④ appears suddenly bloated: If palpebral, face, limb is abrupt or appear gradually bloated; ⑤ appears suddenly occurrence bump of lumbago or waist; Suddenly occurrence hypertension, disgusting vomiting mixes ⑥ anaemia.

Nephrosis basically has former hair sex and afterwards hair sex two kinds. The former nephrosis that send a gender basically has: Send the disease at kidney spherule formerly, a general designation is kidney spherule nephrosis; Former hair calls kidney canaliculus disease at all of kidney canaliculus; Former hair is called at the qualitative all between kidney pledge between kidney nephrosis. Nephrosis of afterwards hair sex is to show the kidney that causes as a result of the disease of other organ is damaged, be like by diabetic and those who cause is diabetic nephrosis; By the hypertensive nephrosis that hypertension causes, by the lupus kidney that systematization lupus erythematosus causes; The purpuric kidney that causes by irritability purpura. Other part still has transmissibility nephrosis to wait a moment, transmissibility nephrosis is the nephritic disease that causes because of genetic reason, wait like much bursa kidney. Many people often ask: Is kidney empty nephrosis? Need not to need treatment? Kidney empty is the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine's concept, kidney empty is the early days phase of nephrosis actually, although got injure,be a kidney, human body had had a feeling, had a symptom, but the phase that the assay index of Western medicine often still changes without different. For this, after having body to ask for when some patients, go doing assay to diagnose Western medicine doctor to be informed however without disease, and doctor of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine thinks to should be recuperated and be treated however. Because the kidney has powerful acting countervail function,this is. This is Western medicine doctor thinks the reason of unnecessary treatment. But, what need ambitious shift here is: Kidney empty is the early days phase of nephrosis actually, just had not destroyed kidney function. For this, kidney empty not only the attention that should cause people, and it is the remedial phase with little beautiful money, good effect, must capture the treatment of this phase, with period do not appear functional loss.
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