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The biochemical inspection with nephritic special disease has what project, mean
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Special bead biochemical check checks certain kidney is diagnosed illy, differentiate diagnose, directive cure and judgement prognosis have important sense, introduce item of a few kinds of examinations now.

⒈ alternative albuminuria: When kidney spherule disease, of filtration film appear gender and filtration action to produce a change, when kidney spherule disease lighter, filtration film " flaw " lesser when, in make water with in the albumen that the element measures is given priority to, and eduction of macromolecule quantity albumen is very few, call alternative albuminuria; When kidney spherule pathological changes apparent, filtration film " flaw " bigger when, there is many albumin not only in make water, and have larger macromolecule egg white (like globulin) , call be not alternative albuminuria. The result that alternative albuminuria determines can figure pathology type, forecast remedial reaction and estimation prognosis. Children nephrosis is integrated the albuminuria in asking for shows select-high sex, among them about 97% patients are little pathological change nephrosis, in the adult also majority is little pathological change or slight pathological change, but visible also at nephritis of nephritis of spherule of kidney of sex of kitchen of nephritis of spherule of velar sex kidney, bureau, proliferous sex. Every select-high quality person can forecast pair of hormone and immune depressor cure response is favorable; Alternative tall person prognosis is better, conversely prognostic difference.

⒉ loop immunity is compound content determines: Complex matter heighten sees serum immunity at a lot of diseases, it is not a distinctive examination method, but hint its send ill mechanism to may be concerned with immunity. The existence of complex matter and the nephrosis of a variety of types produce circular immunity about, there is presence in the serum that if acute adds nephritis of sex of nephritis of spherule of kidney of sex of kitchen of nephritis of spherule of natural disposition kidney, bureau, lupus,waits for a patient. Determine immunity is compound content but appraised price is certain the mobile level of kidney disease, if immunity of loop of patient of lupus sex nephritis is compound,content content and pathological changes activity are concerned.

Complement of ⒊ blood, make water determines: Serum total complement (ch50) heighten sees at all sorts of inflammation, the reactant that also regards acute as level is qualitative. Heighten of active of complement of certain and malignant tumor. Serum ch50 is reduced common at anaemia of sex of nephritis of spherule of urgent chronic kidney, hemolysis and systematization lupus erythematosus. C3 of blood of nephritis of acute kidney spherule drops, drop with nephritis of spherule of kidney of the acute after streptococcic infection especially more apparent. Nephritis of spherule of kidney of velar hyperplasia sex, lupus sex nephritis and kidney transplant discharge different to react, hematic C3 all can be reduced. Determine uric C3 content can mirror film of kidney spherule base secondhand appear a gender, c3 of make water of nephritis of velar hyperplasia sex, lupus sex nephritis is masculine gender completely almost; Rate of positive of sclerosis of spherule of kidney of sex of section of kitchen of standoff of velar sex nephrosis is very high also, and little pathological change often be negative. Patient's condition of more electronegative patient weighs uric C3 electropositive patient, prognosis is poor, content jumps over tall illness to also be weighed more.
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