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Nephrosis dietotherapy square 7
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Nephrosis patient should take the recuperation of dietary respect seriously, this reduces nephritic burden already, be helpful for this ill control and rehabilitation again. Dietotherapy just conduces to what compensatory protein is lost and be helpful for nephritic function restoring. Introduce a few dietotherapy now square:  

1 . Congee of the root of remembranous milk vetch gives birth to the root of remembranous milk vetch 30, 60 gram, rice 60 gram, end of dried tangerine or orange peel 10 gram. Go to soup of decoct of the root of remembranous milk vetch first broken bits, boil congee into rice next, end of dried tangerine or orange peel is added when congee is become can. Just can improve nephritic function originally, eliminate uric albumen, enhance a constitution.

2. Gorgon fruit of congee of Gorgon fruit ginkgo 30 gram, ginkgo 10 gram polished glutinous rice 30 gram. ginkgo hull, add water infusion to become congee into boiler in all with Gorgon fruit, polished glutinous rice, drench to nephrosis belongs to lienal empty Shi Cheng and seeing pass water chaotic, a large number of albumen eduction in make water person, can take for a long time.

3. Black soya bean stews pork black soya bean 50 gram, lean lean 100 gram. Boil pork in water first, abandon soup, stew in all with black soya bean again to sodden, add flavour of proper high speed to taste, feed fleshy water boiling water. Just have filling kidney, diuresis originally, be good at lienal wait for action.

4. Fish of crucian carp of congee of lampwick of crucian carp fish 200 gram (go scale and splanchnic) , rush 6 gram, rice 50 gram, boil congee together, go rush, feed congee to have a fish, just have the effect of benefit water and compensatory albumen originally.

5. A surname child walnut congee medlar 30 gram, walnut flesh 20 gram, rice 50 gram, boil congee together. Edible of morning and evening. Just have filling kidney originally be good at lienal, remove albumen effect.

6. The root of remembranous milk vetch of black tea of the root of remembranous milk vetch 20 gram, black tea 1 is overcome, the root of remembranous milk vetch adds water 500 gram decoction 5 minutes, go broken bits takes juice, join black tea. Just provide good energy of life to rise this world originally, benefit water is retreated swollen, apply to chronic nephritis.

7. Corn needs tea corn to need 100 gram, yi benevolence 30 gram, leaf mustardleaf mustard 30 gram, rock candy is right amount, join Shang Daicha of clear water decoct, just have diuresis discharge to heat up originally, step-down, apply to chronic nephritis and inchoate hypertension.   

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