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How does the choice fall grease food
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How does the choice fall grease food
Whenever during the festival, close friends photograph gets together, belly-worship of hard to avoid, this brings about tall blood fat, hypertensive, tall blood sugar, artery extremely easily the contemporary “ riches and honour such as weak appearance sclerosis and coronary heart disease is ill ” ; To having so afore-mentioned all disease person, cause sick at heart of apoplectic, diabetic ketosis more easily toxic wait for urgent disease with acute pancreatitis. After 51 ” of reason “ pass besides should continue to take fall outside fat medicine, still should choose feed a few have fall the food of hematic fat action. Here, beijing constant installs expert of internal medicine of kidney of courtyard of doctor of traditional Chinese medicine to introduce a few kinds to conduce to the provision that drops hematic fat designedly, consult for having everybody.

One, fish:

Fish nutrition is rich, flavour is delicious. Research makes clear, eat the fish that contains ω-3 fatty acid, all be in benignantly to healthy person and cardiovascular patient. Because ω-3 fatty acid is right health is good, the content of saturated fatty acid that adds fish is inferior, association of heart disease of reason United States suggests people has a fish every weeks twice. The not saturated fatty acid that fish place contains can reduce the glycerine in blood 3 fat and cholesterol, elevatory high density spends lipoprotein, restrain plaque agglutinate, prevent sclerosis of arterial congee appearance; Among them sea fish contains 20 carbon 5 Xi acid and 22 carbon 6 Xi are acerbity, fall fat action is much better.

2, legume goods:

Legume goods contains a variety of 8 human body place is indispensible kinds of amino acid, microelement and cellulose. The black careless glucoside that it contains can prevent cholesterol to in bowel medium absorption; The total cholesterol in containing some vegetable protein to be able to reduce blood, glycerine 3 fat and low density lipoprotein; Contains lecithin can prevent cholesterol to form congee appearance spot in hemal wall deposit piece; Contains soybean oil conduces to decompose the cholesterol inside liver.

3, edible bacterium and wheat kind:

Edible bacterium has like sweet eat in reducing liver adipose with cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, complement microelement and enhance human body metabolism to wait for action; Black agaric has reduce hematic fat, prevent hematic fat to be in hemal wall deposit, and the action that fights plaque agglutinate; Cornmeal contains solubility cellulose, can restrain alvine path to be mixed to the absorption of cholesterol use, rise to reduce the effect of hematic fat thereby.

4, onion and garlic:
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