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Nephrosis patient 12 avoid
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One avoid: Drink

The miscellaneous mellow oil in drinking alcohol and inferior saltpetre ester can make nephritic organization denaturation is mixed cause cancer, because this nephrosis patient answers,drop wine is not touched, lest liver kidney is damaged.  

2 avoid: Smoke

Tobacco contains a variety of harmful material, can damage liver kidney function to restrain kidney unit rehabilitate, because of this nephrosis patient must smoke of be determined give up.  

3 avoid: Angry

Motherland medicine thinks Yu Nu hurts liver, knot of gloomy of diseases with such symptoms as coastal pain is not extended, bring about the alexipharmic, function that discharge poison to change a kidney, the burden of aggravating kidney, yicheng accumulates addiction, because this is angry,be the archenemy of nephrosis.  

4 avoid: Overfatigue

Kidney humanness weight wants metabolization organ, function of nephrosis patient kidney wrong, malnourished, cause is tired and powerless, need rests more.  

5 avoid: Angst

Nephrosis (especially uremic patient) long treat do not heal, often make person angst, make pallium high-strung, to nephrosis (especially female patient) rehabilitation is very adverse.   

6 avoid: Pessimistic

Nephritis, uremia person once lose confidence to cure, the illness is controlled hard even more, because this patient wants hopeful, open-minded, strengthen confidence.   

7 avoid: Use invigorator board to feed in disorder

It is the postulate that keeps healthy evenly, be like nourishing and undeserved break a balance to be able to affect health, because this wants careful invigorator.   

8 avoid: The life not the rule

Very ill raise 7 minutes, the life because of this enough sleep, reasonable nutrition, rule is crucial to nephrosis patient, abstemious sex, establish the consciousness that maintains kidney essence to maintain life namely.  

9 avoid: Abusive hormone apperception learns medicaments

It is medicine 3 minutes poison, medicaments has more to liver kidney damage, nephrosis patient must fall in guidance of specialized subject doctor reasonable take Chinese traditional medicine, inchoate the treatment that accepts system, normal, science.   

10 avoid: Drop medical service in disorder

Cannot credulous all corners of the country swims cure, lest disease did not cure, qian Wei is spent less, delay illness afterthought to not be reached.   

11 avoid: Make kidney wear

Kidney is worn is not method of a kind of treatment, do not have any advantage to the patient, accentuated instead nephritic blow, go against nephrosis to heal early.   

12 avoid: Cursory choice is dialytic and change kidney
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