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How does kidney failure patient choose albumen?
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Exhaustion of chronic kidney function is the inevitable result that a lot of kinds of nephrosis develop certain level. The concentration that azotic waste material contains in blood can be being caused after kidney function is lost is elevatory, because normal circumstance falls, these waste material that produce by protein metabolization are excrete by the kidney, outside the formal eduction body with uric fluid. Try to reduce the serous concentration of the trash that contain nitrogen, fall these noxiousness material to the influence of the body thereby to lowest it is chronic kidney declines the first goal that treats cure.

The intake that lowers protein can reduce put oneself in another's position of embedded nitrogen trash make an amount, reduce nephritic burden thereby, this is easy understanding. So 150 old previously, the patient that people knows to suffer from chronic kidney to decline eats low albumen food, absorb from what protein decreases on the quantity.

In the meantime, people still realises those who contain azotic substance to protein quality also can is opposite generate a quantity to produce an effect, the protein with high quality is made full use of by human body, produce less waste material only consequently; Contrary, the protein with low quality can be used partly only, and make the more waste material that contain nitrogen, need to come via the kidney eduction. The problem is, what kind of protein is the protein with low quality? Is vegetable protein inferior albumen completely? Does protein also belong to the soja that regards a kind of main plant as protein to be banned?

We thought the indispensible and amino acid content of animal protein and scale and human body are relatively adjacent in the past, by human body use sufficient, should decline as the chronic kidney that accepts treatment of low albumen food main protein source of the patient. And vegetable protein content reachs its goods to should be eliminated to decline at chronic kidney by firm ground in 30% right-and-left soja besides the patient's cookbook.

But, this is a kind of one-sided point of view. Above all, soja protein contains a lot oflysine, the protein in waiting for traditional staple food with rice, flour can have complementary effect, increase the physiology value of mixture protein; Additional, have newest research discovery, the low albumen food that the low albumen food that is main protein source with soja protein can resemble be being given priority to with animal protein defers the aggravation of kidney function euqally, manage normal protein nutrition situation, and such food can correct the patient's original tall lipemia.

Visible, soja and big bean products should not be chronic kidney declines dietary forbidden zone of the patient, contrary, should more inside limits of protein set limit to ground selects the patient that chronic kidney declines soybean products. For instance: You protein set limit to of a day is 50 grams of 40 ~ , so such you are OK coming that arrange it: The staple food that absorbs 250 grams of 200 ~ (offer 16~20 to overcome protein about) , 200 Bo rise soya-bean milk (5~8 gram is protein) , bean curd 100 grams (offer protein 7.5 grams) , pork liver 25 grams (offer protein 5 grams) , an egg or 50 grams lean lean (offer protein 10 grams) .  
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