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Why cannot not complete patient take kidney function bean products
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The doctor often tells kidney the function to not complete patient cannot eat bean products, is this why?

The reason has two:

One, the patient with kidney not complete function uses low albumen food commonly, the food of low albumen set limit to is daily include vegetable protein (staple food) with animal albumen (non-staple food) two kinds. Bean products belongs to vegetable protein, it is contained be not indispensible and amino acid, and animal albumen contains indispensible and amino acid. Indispensible and amino acid has increase urea nitrogen recycle, reduce urea to create the effect of rate, protein to improvement metabolization reduces nitrogen metabolization child, alleviate symptom, protection improves kidney function to have certain effect. Accordingly we emphasize a view be in low albumen raises high grade albumen as far as possible inside limits of prandial set limit to (animal albumen) intake, the 50 % above that advocates high grade albumen occupies gross of full day albumen had better, because this should use legume protein less.

2, to save protein. Protein of general and daily limitation is in patient of exhaustion of function of a kidney 30- - 40 grams, this includes the protein that staple food place contains among them, when patient edible the staple food albumen of certain amount and when albumen of edible bean products, the per cent that protein of such two kinds of vegetables add up gross place occupies set limit to of full day albumen is about to be gotten higher than animal albumen much, cause animal albumen to cannot achieve the intake of the requirement, such time lengthen pair of illnesses to restore adverse, because this is in,application had better not eat bean products when low albumen food.