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Does the person that do you know kidney result is not full protect kidney how?
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Uremia is terrible, kidney function is not complete person the function of one part kidney that how protects remaining, and do not develop toward more severe case?

Above all, want to have reasonable protein intake. The metabolization child inside human body basically originates the protein composition in food. Accordingly, to reduce the working burden of the kidney of remaining, protein intake must be mixed of the kidney excrete ability photograph to suit. For instance, it is 170 ~ when hematic flesh anhydride, 440 small rub when Er / rises, protein with everyday every kilograms of weight 0.6 grams are advisable, the person that have a large number of albuminuria, every lose albumen of 1 gram make water, but additional complement 1.5 grams are protein. Exceed 440 when hematic flesh anhydride small rub when Er / rises, protein intake should decrease further, with everyday gross does not exceed 30 grams had better. But, if go after limitative protein to absorb blindly,what must emphasize is, will bring about a patient to appear hidebound, the constitution drops, the result is bad.

The 2nd, the protein to make absorb is obtained the biggest use, do not let energy of its translate into be used up, taking low protein food and drink while, still must complement energy. Daily every kilograms of weight the quantity of heat of at least 35 kilocalorie, basically furnish by candy, can eat goods of fruit, cane sugar, chocolate, conserve, honey to wait.

The 3rd, notable is to although accord with the condition in front,have a few food, wait like yoke, dried meat floss, pluck, dairy produce, marrow, but the volume containing phosphor as a result of them is higher and unfavorable edible, the function that because phosphorous lay aside stays,can make a kidney worsens further. To reduce the amount containing phosphor in food, edible fish, flesh, potato, dou Yingxian water is boiled after abandoning soup, go further cook.

The 4th, salt quantity should inspect a patient's condition and decide, be like the person that have hypertensive, oedema, appropriate uses low salt food, daily 2 grams salt. The 5th, the medicaments that excretes through the kidney injures a kidney likely also, wait like antibiotic of amine of gentamicin, sulphur, penicillin, antiphlogistic painful, paracetamol, and agent of hormone, radiography. In addition, if have hypertensive, diabetic, infection, take strict precautions against these diseases even the injury to the kidney.