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The diet that nephrosis imposes integratedly asks
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1, be restricted saline food: Food of low to dropsy or hypertensive patient appropriate go salt, daily salt 1 ~ 3g, or with low natrium salt, the Xian Qiushi of Chinese traditional medicine also can serve as low salt food to use, the method is to use Xian Qiushi right amount, add water to boil dissolve, filter, had taken filtrate to be boiled again condense farinaceous, use when salt. Cancel to be restricted gradually after bloated subsidise saline food.

2, content of the protein in food: Protein intake with 1g/kg/d advisable, albumen of the eduction in make water is much person, can increase protein intake appropriately, be like fish and flesh with high grade albumen kind for beautiful, but the person that have disease of azotic qualitative blood should reduce protein intake.

3, but right amount eat vegetable and fruit, make water is little person wax gourd of especially comfortable edible and watermelon, diet barbecue, deepfry reachs the hot excitant food such as chili.

4.The dietary care of a patient during convalescence of nephrosis syndrome patient

Nephrosis asks for a patient integratedly to be put in the clinical symptom such as the high oedema of disease of blood of move low albumen, accordingly, some patients are photographed in dietary attune on existing the understanding of a few mistakes. Some patients think the missing protein in make water is overmuch, must eat many protein with the loss inside compensatory body; Some patients are fear of eat protein, every meal has a few vegetable only, the leakage quantity that feels so OK to reduce uric albumen, , actually these two kinds of viewpoints are one-sided. Absorb burden of kidney of protein meeting accentuation too much, and protein quantity absorbs inadequacy to cannot maintain normal physiology to need again.

Solicit a patient integratedly to nephrosis for, more or less the intake of daily protein should decide according to what the protein in make water loses, general with daily 1.5~2g / Kg weight is measurable, be like the flesh, egg, grandma, fish with food of high grade high protein had better.

If the patient appeared when disease of azotic qualitative blood, should restrict protein intake, of daily protein absorb with can it is advisable that lowermost limit ground maintains nitrogen balance, it is advisable that the supply of full day protein measures appropriate limitation to be controlled in 50g.

As to saline complement, also should give respectively according to the degree of oedema low salt does not have salt or do not have sodium food. Oedema is not serious person, daily supply natrium is controlled in 2000mg, still should include the amount containing sodium in food among them, allow daily when cook add with salt 2, 3g or soy 10, 15ml; Oedema is apparent person, full day measures limitation to be controlled in 1000mg for sodium, should not be when cook add with salt or soy.
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