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What food contains potassium much?
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5 kinds of food contain potassium to abound under;

1. fruit; Banana, apple, grape, watermelon, apricot, orange.

2. vegetable; Spinach, three-colored amaranth, caraway, cole, wild cabbage, aubergine, tomato, cucumber, celery, green Chinese onion, garlic sprouts, lettuce, potato, yam, bright pea, young soya bean, taro, sword bean, potato, hyacinth bean, dawdle, spinach, Chinese toon.

3. sea alga; Laver, kelp, pomfret, loach.

4. commissariat; Buckwheat, corn, yam, soja.

5. tea;

Remind: Perspire after motion a long time, do not drink a large number of plain boiled water or syrup immediately, can drink some of fruit juice or candy brine first. The main show that hematic Potassium chroma drops: Listless and giddy, disgusting, faint, heartbeat is irregular wait for a symptom, serious when can present narcosis.