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How does active ingredient treat Chinese traditional medicine cyst of much bursa
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My courtyard uses gene Chinese traditional medicine to treat kidney of congenital much bursa, and do not use surgical operation to treat a method, the reason is, even if use an operation (go carrying decompression operation on the head, or operation of the solidify that draw liquid) oppress big cyst the problem of kidney essence is solved temporarily, but the small cyst that brings about after purify of total insoluble big cyst because the issue that pressure bring down can increase quickly instead. Operation therapeutics is expedient only, contain limitation.

My courtyard uses the remedial thinking that treats outside the disease inside motherland medicine, the treats much bursa kidney formerly effective Chinese traditional medicine that has managed through high-tech technical divisions, after its gene technology n/med the process of preparing Chinese medicine is handled, become have extremely strong active ingredient, have target to fixed position, undertake in the light of cyst focus of a disease specific aim is treated.

Arrive since this therapeutics the following the remedial effect of two respects: It is: Blood-vessel is mural all round kidney of dilate much bursa hemal, quicken circulation of bursa wall blood, make bursa wall connect appear a gender to increase; Make internal pressure of bursa wall blood-vessel drop; Changeover because of internal pressure of bursa of prep above of hemal internal pressure press difference; The moisture that quickened the fluid inside cyst is answered ceaselessly to the middle of blood-vessel absorb. 2 be: Gene Chinese traditional medicine active ingredient, the epithelial continuity that restrained cyst wall is secreted; Prevented bursa wall blood-vessel and cyst to continue intumescent.

Pass above remedy, the cure of active ingredient improved gene Chinese traditional medicine hemal wall and condition of cyst loop obstacle, bate bursa wall, raised bursa wall external fully gender and control function of excretive of bursa wall cell.

Above can see: Gene Chinese traditional medicine treats therapeutics to treat much bursa kidney to have the effect of face of the following all directions:

The first: Reduce the liquid inside cyst to form, those who reduce blood-vessel of canaliculus of pair of kidney spherule, kidney, kidney is oppressive, the blood that makes damage kidney organization circulates, improve local and anoxic position, the rehabilitate that organizes to quicken damage kidney created a kind of comfortable repair environment.
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