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How does active ingredient treat Chinese traditional medicine nephritis of irrit
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Irritability purpura nephritis is disease of system of immunity of one each body. Irritability purpura is systemic sex is damaged with little blood vessel for main pathology foundation, clinical damage with gastroenteritis of sex of skin purpura, haemorrhage, arthritis and kidney those who be a characteristic is integrated proof. In irritability purpura patient, make an appointment with 1/3 above to be able to appear kidney is damaged, its prognosis basically depends on the serious degree of kidney pathological changes. When the immune function of human body is normal, can produce humoral immunity and cellular immunity to be not personal antigen, to airframe play immunity protects action. When immune function is maladjusted, can cause disease of immunity of allergic reaction, oneself or immune blemish disease to wait, damage the health of human body. And immunity is formed after the antibody inside the antigen that arises when the element that cause disease and body is united in wedlock complex matter, immunity is compound thing is the easiest deposit at kidney spherule, through a series of reaction catenary and cause hemal inflammation reaction, make hemal brittleness is mixed appear a gender to increase, bring about nephritis of irritability purpura sex to happen.

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This disease often happens at 10 years old of the following children, adult (> 20 years old) in scarce. Good happen at cold season. Make an appointment with 1/3 patient to have the precursory infection such as bacterium, virus history, but fail to prove the affirmation with streptococcic infection concerns. Make an appointment with 1/4 patient and fish, shrimp kind allergy or precautionary inject, medicaments is concerned. Most patient is shown benign, be restricted oneself sexual process, most patient classics is treated correctly at counting the heal inside week. But also have break out repeatedly or defer a few months, number year person, course of diseases of about 50% patients has a relapse instead.

The secondary affection that nephritis of allergic and purpuric sex is irritability purpura changes, and the pathogeny of irritability purpura had be notted make clear, likelihood and infection and abnormal reaction are concerned. There is infection before the disease since partial case of illness, the commonnest is infection of the upper respiratory tract (blame particularity or streptococcic infection) , other wait like garment former put oneself in another's position, chicken pox and helminth. There is remedy before a lot of case of illness are ill (antibiotic, iodic amine, isoniazid, salicylate, barbitone and iodide) or food (breast kind, fish, shrimp, crab and clam) allergic. Consider as a kind of immunity complex matter disease at present. Immune globulin IgA has main effect in come on. Remarkable heighten of IgA of serum of acute period patient, endophilicity is provided to be able to produce high polymer between IgA the quantity is polymeric, fluorescence of immunity of IgA of wall of little blood vessel of spherule of kidney of 90% above case of illness and skin is electropositive. Patient acute period active of factor of serum Ⅹ Ⅲ is low with fibrin of kidney spherule existence (former) , clew cruor mechanism participates in this disease to come on.
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