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How does active ingredient treat Chinese traditional medicine uremia
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Gene Chinese traditional medicine treats uremia to be different from blood dialytic, its treat uremia to basically divide a process: Poison of platoon of invigorate the circulation of blood, Fu Zhengqu evil, solid is born originally new. Below after the treatment of every process principle, process completes common and clinical expression make following elaborating with the language that knows simply, easily:

One, invigorate the circulation of blood, platoon is poisonous (activation damage kidney is inherent cellular metabolization function) process

(1) remedial principle

1, outspread kidney artery and enteron artery, increase the amount of blood stream perfusion of kidney and whole body;

2, improve small loop obstacle, increase for oxygen, enhance metabolism;

3, because anoxic and the core condition that cause is disorder,alleviate condition;

4, relieve toxic symptom.

(2) action:

1, various kidney artery of the kidney is outspread, increased the effective perfusion amount of kidney spherule thereby, reduced kidney spherule internal pressure, also reduced the tall filtration position of kidney spherule at the same time. Final meeting is deferred and control the progress of kidney spherule sclerosis.

2, all round after hemal dilate, because increased the whole body,effective loop blood is measured, must meet improve the skin and position of small loop obstacle, slow the toxic symptom that decline because of kidney and causes.

3, after enteron blood-vessel is outspread, increased the haemal perfusion amount of enteron, improved the obstacle of enteron small loop that decline because of kidney and brings about, right now oedema of enteron mucous membrane begins subsidise, digestive juice begins to secrete increase, alvine path discharges poisonous function to begin to increase.

(3) clinical expression:

1, uric quantity begins to increase, uric darken, odour thicken, defecate number increase, raw meat or fish, smelly;
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