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How does active ingredient eliminate Chinese traditional medicine blood in the u
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Patient of a few chronic nephrosis is appearing when durative hematuria and albuminuria, because worry,enter uremia period and demand medical service everywhere. Good appear not easily curative effect, blood in the urine and albuminuria decrease or disappear, however because abrupt cold, calorific or overworked, occult blood and albumen appear again in make water, everything returned origin again. such, day after day, year answer a year, occurrence vicious circle.

So, is blood in the urine, albuminuria how happen?

What is blood in the urine, albuminuria?

Blood in the urine is the red blood cell that unusual amount appears in fluid pointing to make water. Red blood cell is not had in fluid of normal person make water or see red blood cell occasionally, but if often appear in make water red blood cell or take sedimentary lens check is taken after fresh make water is centrifugal, red blood cell exceeds 3 / times taller eye shot, not centrifugal make water is in red blood cell can see times higher below eye shot, call blood in the urine namely. Kidney sex hematuria points to originate kidney, red blood cell is out of shape and cause. The nephritic disease that produces kidney sex hematuria is very much, nephritis of sex of hyperplasia of nephrosis of nephritis of spherule having kidney, lupus sex nephritis, IgA, film. Generally speaking, change of pathology of kidney of patient of blood in the urine is smaller person, nature alleviates or the likelihood of clinical cure heal, but serious to nephritic pathology expression person, must cause height to take seriously, prevent a disease to worsen further.

Normal adult gross of albuminuria of 24 hours of make water is less than 150mg, teenage but slightly tall but do not exceed 300mg/24h, when gross of the albumen in make water exceeds 300mg/24h and be given by check, call albuminuria namely. This is the common and clinical expression of nephritic disease. Albuminuria is chronic kidney patient most headachy problem, of the albumen in make water more or less to concern with nephritic injury rate not only, also be to think evolutional of patient's condition of chronic kidney patient is main one of index. Fluid of normal person make water contains infinitesimal protein, albumen of groovy examination make water shows negative. But if nephritic pathological changes causes kidney spherule function,change, bring about film of kidney spherule filtration to connect after appearing a gender to increase, the albumen grow in quantity that can make kidney spherule filtrate medium, exceed kidney canaliculus to absorb ability again, the albuminuria that appears to be given priority to with albumin.
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