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Doctoral student adviser hints: Treat nephritis to take an error in case
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A lot of patients have this kind of feeling, get nephrosis previously, work and no hurry, but always feel tired, have a kind of ineffable exhaustion, double leg is heavy, return meeting discovery attentively, after rising in the morning, facial ministry is bloated, elephant " fat " same, to hospital inspection, discovery has albumen or occult blood in pee, just knowing was to get nephrosis.

First when likelihood the seriousness of ignored nephrosis, often use the medicaments such as amine of acyl of phosphor of cane of hormone of profess to convinced, Thunder God, annulus to control uric albumen, occult blood. Just began to treat the effect apparent still, assay index improves very quickly, some even all disappears, it is good to think oneself are ill, very glad. But passed not long, encounter the undesirable stimulation such as cold, overworked, disease made again, and, than last serious. Then, begin to use cane of hormone, Thunder God to wait again, relapse so, chinese traditional medicine also ate many, not only uric albumen, occult blood did not disappear thoroughly, appeared instead ascites of serious fat, acne, bosom, it is liver function even head of damage, femur is necrotic wait for serious medicaments side-effect, old disease did not increase new difficulty again more, serious, appear gradually the kidney function such as disgusting, vomiting is not complete symptom, money was spent by tens of thousands, the illness is aggravating with each passing day however.

Actually, the eduction of ruinous material, it is to save oneself to the kidney of ability reflect, and the exterior phenomenon that uric albumen, occult blood is this one process on certain level, accordingly, if used the remedy that controls uric albumen, occult blood right now, jam destructive base film flaw rise, uric albumen, occult blood is controlled, but also mix ruinous material at the same time immunity is compound content jams in kidney spherule interior, from apparently check seeing make water improves, it seems that the illness improves, the kidney is actually in-house as a result of these material cannot by eduction, pile up ceaselessly, more quickened above kidney essence destroy, make an illness aggravating and not be to improve, if decrease and think by accident as a result of uric albumen, occult blood,right now the illness improves, so this kind of thought as deceive oneself, kill a person quite deep. Clinical go up never-failing of know exactly about sth this kind of patient is the Chinese traditional medicine that absurd uses albumen of control make water, occult blood and Western medicine, make uric check improves temporarily, result a few years or after a few years, development is kidney result not complete uremia, incur loss through delay precious opportunity, people knows to make water is checked after using drug only, want to plus decreases or disappear only, thought to get controlling or recover, but should decrease medicine, when plus appearing again after stop drug or encountering cold, overworked, consider as recrudesce erroneously, again follow the same old disastrous road. Control, have a relapse, fail, one fault is again wrong, wait for kidney essence to destroy ultimate development to be by above pathology terminal, had find oneself, life already went to the end, just knew to be duped.
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