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Symptoms of women with diabetic nephropathy
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At present, diabetic female patients than male patients, resulting in male diabetic patients for the treatment of diabetic kidney disease for women who study a lot more, but the invasion of diabetes is not gender-specific, for female patients with diabetic nephropathy, if evil without good treatment, the consequences worse than male patients with diabetic nephropathy. So women with diabetes will want to know early symptoms of diabetic women What are the bar, the treatment of diabetes experts tell women with diabetes must pay attention to the following points. Early symptoms of diabetic women are: Vaginal dryness Mostly due to vaginal dryness caused by low levels of sex hormones, and the resulting pain during intercourse. Urinary Tract Infection Apart from the female anatomy of the urinary system prone to infection, decreased body resistance in patients with diabetes, high blood sugar status is conducive to growth and reproduction of bacteria causing urinary tract infection is easily one of the reasons. Sexual dysfunction This is due to kidney disease nutrition supply of the perineum atherosclerosis, pelvic stenosis will affect genital blood supply to the nerve endings caused by unresponsive. Genital itching Because patients with diabetic nephropathy relative or absolute lack of insulin secretion, resulting in elevated blood glucose levels. When the glucose concentration in excess of renal glucose threshold, some of the glucose from the urine, which gives the growth of mold and create favorable conditions for reproduction, leading to inflammation, itching occurs. Diabetes experts have warned that the impact of the physiological characteristics of women, women of the early symptoms of diabetic nephropathy will be some men that are not symptoms. In the diabetic patients recommended stem cell therapy, stem cell treatment of diabetic nephropathy is the use of stem cells in vivo differentiation, repair, regeneration, recycling renal part of the damage, restoration and reconstruction of kidney function, and fundamentally improving and treating diabetic nephropathy caused by acute and chronic renal failure. Treatment is to a certain amount of stem cells, differentiation, proliferation after the B-control, the kidney transplant patients. Patients after transplantation, whether self-perception of symptoms, or clinical data, has significantly improved.