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How does nephritis happen?
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Of nephritis coming on basically is caused by immune reaction, immune reaction can activation complement system, make inflammation of the generation inside kidney spherule and cruor function unusual then, appear thereby a series of clinical symptoms. In this one process, immune reaction is only then move link, and the main factor that obstacle of cruor of afterwards hair sex is development of kidney spherule pathological changes and aggravation.

Mention immunity, include cellular immunity and humoral immunity two respects. Cellular immunity is in of certain nephritis main effect is had in coming on, and humoral immunity sends the action in ill mechanism in nephritis is to be taken seriously generally by domestic and international scholar more. Humoral immunity namely immunity is compound the nephritis that content interpose guides, complex matter often passes the immunity inside kidney spherule the following two kinds of forms are formed.

One of, for circular immunity complex matter deposit, point to certain outside source sex antigen, be like streptococcic reach its to secrete virus of liver of child, second to wait, or inside source sex antigen, globulin of DNA of double catenary of the antigen that be like a nucleus, immunity, can stimulate airframe to produce corresponding antibody, immunity is formed in haemal circulation complex matter, deposit below certain circumstance at kidney spherule, or be caught by kidney spherule, right now, activation again inflammation interpose guides system, bring about nephritis happening namely.

Secondly, for former complex matter forms an immunity, antibody of the dissociate in showing blood circulates or antigen and kidney spherule are inherent antigen or already cultivated at kidney spherule outside source sex antigen or antibody photograph union, can be in kidney spherule is local form immunity complex matter, produce nephritis thereby.

As to the cruor mechanism obstacle that immunity reacts afterwards is sent, also be on significant position in process of nephritis happening development. Because immunity is compound content is deposit at kidney spherule, complement system is activationed, can produce a variety of active material, cause constituent loss. And injury of cell of blood capillary endodermis, often can activation inside source sex and outside system of source sex cruor, break the normal balance of cruor and fine dissolve, bring about kidney spherule small thrombosis and fibrin are deposit inside blood capillary, can promote pathological changes development, injure kidney function, bring about kidney spherule sclerosis finally. So, western medicine treats nephritis, heparin of clinical and commonly used anti-coagulants, fight plaque to collect medical Pan Shengding to wait, starting point depends on improving this kind of nephritis to come on just about the obstacle of mechanism of cruor of afterwards hair sex in the process. The understanding that the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine sends interpretation of the cause of ill reason, hair to manage to nephritis and modern medicine point of view are basic and same, emphasize child of element of diseases caused by external factors, fatigue factor, pathology forming element interact. " the classics inside Huang Di " in ever emphasized kidney wind repeatedly disease happening and outside inadequacy of evil getting wind, healthy atmosphere about. In Zhu Xie of diseases caused by external factors, the evil of the evil of the evil that clinical discovery includes to wind is heated up, evil of chill, evil of rheumatism, evil of damp and hot, hot poison, wet poison, it is with the evil with wind heat, damp and hot, poisonous heat among them see more. Internal injury empty respect, clinical discovery includes to have back of deficiency of vital energy, deficiency of yin with irritability, deficiency of yang, gas two empty, yin and yang two empty, current and clinical with private parts of deficiency of yin with irritability, gas two empty see for how. But by congenital inadequacy, work and rest internal injury of excessive, the seven human emotions, food not poison hurts section, medicine to waiting for a reason to cause. The disease with insufficient healthy atmosphere, it is a center with kidney, also can behave the kidney that it is liver kidney of two empty, lung is two empty, lienal kidney two empty, even empty of all of yin and yang of blood of gas of the five internal organs, machine of clinical and specific pathology turns very complex, so first one dominate the idea of all nephritis is not actual.
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