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Patient of velar sex nephrosis, cure shows Chinese traditional medicine magical!
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Patient, an Jianmin, the male, 48 years old, person of area of Beijing rising sun.

Kidney puncture does to show in hospital of Beijing seeper pool: Velar sex nephrosis, ever took amine of acyl of phosphor of prednisone, annulus, wait for Western medicine to treat 1 year more than, without the effect, uric albumen still 2 of 3, occult blood.

A day, patient family member checks my courtyard on the net innocently " answer kidney 4 couplet law " the introduction of uremia of characteristic cure nephrosis, came in March 2001 my courtyard.

System examines after be admitted to hospital: Temperature 36 degrees, mercuric column of millimeter of blood pressure 160/96, facial and bloated, heart lungs is normal, abdominal apophysis, percussion has mobile sex voiced sound, abdominal cavity has a few accumulate fluid, double lower limbs is shown but sunken sex points to press oedema, occult blood of albumen of lab examination make water has grain canal, serum albumin 26g/L.

After expert group passes detailed consultation, give " answer kidney 4 couplet therapeutics " reach bug of winter of profess to convinced to originally this alexipharmic series prescription, albumen of the make water after 2 months turns shade, consolidate drug stops after 3 months again after, along with visit did not have a relapse all the time up to now.