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Acute nephritis should disease photograph is differentiated with what
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(1) acute charges heart failure of courage and uprightness: In children acute left heart exhaustion can become a hair symptom of acute nephritis, if be differentiated not in time with rescue, criterion but rapid and deadly. When acute nephritis, as a result of water natrium retention, systemic oedema and hematic capacity increase, blood of pulmonary circulation Yu is very common. Fall in the circumstance that declines without acute heart consequently, the patient often has gas hurried, cough and Shi Luoyin of lobar bottom a few to wait for the symptom of blood of pulmonary circulation Yu, because the patient is put in respiratory tract to affect at the same time, reason pulmonary circulation the existence of Yu blood is easy by negligence. Conversely, also have think phenomenon of blood of Yu of this kind of loop to acute heart declines to had happened by accident. Accordingly, heart failure of intercurrent acute of the lobar Yu blood that affirming place of retention of the natrium that know water is caused or acute nephritis is very important.

(2) hypertensive head is ill: Before hypertensive brain disease is 5 % in the incidence of a disease when acute nephritis one 10 % , mix in recent years acute heart failure is same, its intercurrent rate is reduced apparently, and relatively acute heart failure is scarcer, this likelihood and seasonable and rational therapy are concerned. Common symptom is acuteness have a headache reach vomiting, the occurrence eyesight obstacle of afterwards, consciousness is ambiguous, be addicted to sleeps, can happen clonic convulsions or epileptic appearance fit, afore-mentioned symptoms are rapid after blood pressure is controlled improve or disappear, without sequela.

(Function of 3) acute kidney fails: The acute of acute nephritis period, cell of film of the department inside kidney spherule and endodermis cell are many and proliferous, blood capillary stricture reachs the cruor inside blood capillary, quantity of patient make water decreases further (little make water or anuresis) . Protein catabolism child stops in great quantities, be in acute period can appear uremia is asked for integratedly.

(4) afterwards sends bacterial infection: Acute nephritis is reduced as a result of systemic resistance, yi Jifa is affected, the commonnest is lung and uric road infection, once produce afterwards to send infection, answer to be handled actively to disease, lest cause original ill accentuation.