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Nephritis of acute kidney spherule
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Patient, chen Lanfang, female, 42 years old, person of city of Heibei Shijiazhuang goldenrain tree.

Advocate because of; dropsy, hematuria, high fever a week, local hospital is diagnosed for nephritis of acute kidney spherule. Treat 23 days of curative effect to disease via this courtyard not beautiful, saw a doctor in May 2003 then at my courtyard.

The patient is narrated, chen Lanfang shows eyelid and dropsy of double lower limbs at going out without apparent inducement 2 years ago, blood in the urine appears in the meantime. Hospital of place of city of Yu Luan seeing a doctor, at that time lens check; Blood in the urine () , uric albumen 3, examine is acute nephritis, give amine of acyl of phosphor of prednisone, annulus, Thunder God the hormone such as the cane kind medication, the effect is dissatisfactory.

The patient is cure nephritis disease thoroughly, be fear of hormone again kind the side-effect of medicaments, via reading newspaper hind special Mu Ming my courtyard " blame hormone blame is dialytic -- remedial nephrosis uremia " " immune reexamine 4 couplet therapeutics " see a doctor.

When be admitted to hospital, check; Uric albumen 3, 3 of blood in the urine, combine hypertensive, bloated, hematuria, the symptom such as high fever a week, examine is nephritis of acute kidney spherule. After the patient is admitted to hospital, after group of my courtyard expert passes consultation, give me courtyard characteristic Chinese traditional medicine " wintry bug originallies this detoxify " series Chinese traditional medicine administers agent cure, one week later calorific and bloated, basic disappear, a hind of period of treatment is checked; Uric albumen (- ) , occult blood () , complete kind of case is good. Follow the doctor's advice, come home continue to take drug a period of treatment, consolidate curative effect. Patient and cure hind of 2 period of treatment are successive 3 months check, uric albumen (- ) , occult blood (- ) .

The phone is followed visit, did not see recrudesce up to now, work normally and live.