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How does nephritis patient undertake psychology is recuperated?
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Nephritis especially the stubborn sex case of illness such as chronic nephritis, because remedial effect is poorer, the illness often accentuates repeatedly, patient hard to avoid generates a few undesirable sentiments, ill to nephritis rehabilitation is very adverse. Accordingly, should undertake scientific psychology is recuperated, overcome the undesirable sentiment of all sorts of ill health hard. Today nephritis disease the patient's clinical and common negative psychology, disposition is unusual, reduce pessimism, Hui anger, care is thought of model, depressed model, blind and hopeful model 5 respects, in order to facilitate the patient undertakes the psychology of specific aim is adjusted.
Pessimism patient, introvert, disposition is dissocial, pessimistic grief. See the disease is long treat do not heal, or encounter illness accentuation, easy pessimism is disappointed, do not wish to cooperate with the doctor, lack confidence to cure, some generates the idea of commit suicide even. Clinical can behave for palpitation insomnia, much dream easy Jing, slack does not have god, anorexia, sadness to cry easily etc. Specific aim psychology recuperates measure, should strengthen the connection with the doctor, hearten spirit, establish the hope that has conquer disease. Want to chat with the wardmate with good curative effect more, learn the knowledge of recuperate under medical treatment of nephritis ill ego, make oneself realise the meaning of systematic cure, scientific take good care of sb truly, reduce psychological burden hard, walk out of the error of pessimistic despair.
Irritable model patient, disposition is impatient, abstain power difference, when anything crops up not sober, easy and excited, the lack on cure is patient, often cannot cooperate cure to protect personnel cure well. Clinical can behave for impatient and irritable, insomnious much dream, giddy head bilges, pectoral frowsty coerce is painful, suffering of pharynx dry mouth, blood pressure is elevatory. Specific aim psychology recuperates measure, it is to strengthen self-discipline, understand Yu Nu to be able to make blood pressure elevatory, increase nephritic burden, quicken kidney to decline the truth of the process. Realise truly: Nephritis disease is the pathogeny complex, cure is not easy, ceaseless evolutional disease, cure is a long-term and arduous process, go overcoming impatient sentiment hard, hold to scientific cure.
Care is thought of model patient, overcautious at ordinary times, sensitivity, via removing the stimulation of undesirable mood. Once curative effect is better, glad extremely, once the illness relapses, anxiety-ridden. Some patients are staring at albumen of the make water on assay sheet everyday is a few 10, red blood cell is 3 ~ 5 still are 5 ~ 8. Clinical feature is depressed angst, scowl is full of, heave a deep sigh again and again, insomnious much dream, accept is fed not sweet. This kind of patient, answer to enter the activity of a few good body and mind more, with friend much heart-to-heart talk, do a few outdoors activities together with family more. Foster painting and calligraphy of musical instrument chess, grow the interest of beautiful aviculture, sufficient understanding assay is existence error, assay and another assay albumen somewhat increase and decrease, red blood cell from 3, arrive 5 times 6 ~ 8, do not explain the illness is aggravating, answer hard to learn ego to loosen, disperse and divert painful to the disease attention.
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